8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. And a great time was had, splashing thru the mud puddles…I know daddy will have me use a toothbrush and water hose to clean the springs and other areas that might rust. He would buy me a new bike, but he wanted me to learn first to take care of what I had. Yes, he was child/young adult of the Great Depression. He taught me to appreciate what I had. So today, Thank you Lord for the great dad I had. My mom
    chose him to be husband and father. So, here close to Mother’s Day I say, Thank you Lord for the wonderful mother I had (who brought me to You and taught me to sew!)

  2. Road bikes with brothers ,sister and friends in the neighborhood. Up and down the hills with a playing card clothespined to Spock. What a wonderful idea! Will get bike and ride for more exercise. Lol…Thank you!

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