A Baby Quilt for Henry

Boy Quilts, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Baby-Lovers!

Henry’s Quilt has made it to the finish line!

Celebrate with me!  Henry’s Quilt is complete-binding and all!

Henry will be so happy!

Photography, Lori Kennedy

He’s as cute as a button and he’s always happy!

This quilt is small enough for a toddler to tote–though my daughter, Nora, has decided it will hang in his room instead.

Boy Quilt, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I’m sure you recognize a lot of the motifs from the Tuesday Tutorials!


The Basic House




Boy Quilt, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Henry’s Trucks

The Picket Fence


Boy Quilt, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I love to add as much personalization as possible…

We might as well–that’s one of the benefits of quilting our own quilts!



It’s so much fun to watch him grow each week…and wonder if he’ll like cars and trucks…

or dinosaurs…or pirates…or Spider Man…or turtles…or….

Hope YOUR day is filled with family and your quilts are filled with love!


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46 thoughts on “A Baby Quilt for Henry

  1. This is such an incredible keepsake! Beautiful work. I love that you personalized the shop name, street sign, & trucks.

    • Ooooooooo … France … Ooooooooo
      Provence? La Loire? The Drôme? Paris? Marseilles? Mint-Saint-Michel?
      I haven’t been in years, but would love to go back.

  2. You are a true artist, Lori. Henry is a cutie, and I’m sure he will treasure that quilt forever. My grandson — he’s 20 now — really treasures the two quilts I’ve made him. I’ll start the mystery quilt along soon and hope I can become half as skilled as you are.

  3. How absolutely ADORABLE!!! And for you to have incorporated so many of your motifs in it just makes it that much more special. Is the heavier quilting with a 12 wt thread or something else…and what is the weight of the thread on the background quilting? You are soooo inspiring!

  4. I *love* it! Also, those baby cheeks… 🙂

    Grandkids are the *best* thing ever I swear. Making quilts for grandkids comes in second. 😉

  5. The reward of making something for those you love is wonderful, this quilt will be treasured forever,

    Now, you have have prodded me to finish a few of my UFO’s and several new projects.

  6. Beautiful! And the best part is, as he grows, he’ll know his loving grandma made it for him especially!

  7. What a wonderful keepsake!! What a beautiful little boy!! How blessed he is to have such a talented grandmother! God bless you both!!

  8. He’s a super cutie! As always, your quilting is amazingly flawless! Very cool wall hanging!

  9. Thank You for Sharing your handsome young man with us. Such a blessing to you and yours. He will enjoy his quilt and many more to come. What a motivation!!
    Good job on the quilting – thank you for sharing your talents also.

  10. Warmed my heart this morning with your blog. There is something so special about the love of a grandchild. My mom always said she should have had her grandchildren first! Loll

  11. As always Lori, sharing your love & talent so graciously with all of your followers. True goodness of heart & soul; enjoy Henry & the things he will discover which become anew to those of us who Do Not Stop to Smell the Roses. Thank you for sharing Lori.

  12. This is so darling! You do such fantastic work and I thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Question when you quilt with the different threads do you do the Motifs first and then the filler?

  13. Oh my goodness!!! If that isn’t the most adorable quilt ever!!! I would hang it up also so everyone could see it. Just adorable. I love it!!

  14. Wow! It is just awesome Lori… What a treasure. It actually choked me up. I can’t wait for Henry to give you a name.. It’s so amazing. He is so darling!

  15. Nora must be thankful to have such a cute, happy baby full of smiles…mine were like that and I spent a lot of time talking to them and making them smile 😀 Best thing ever to see babies smile or laugh! I bet that does not change when they are grand babies! Henry’s quilt turned out fabulously. I love the personal embellishments.

  16. The whole cloth quilt! It’s great to see how the themes can be combined. The border the rows, in beginning to “get” it. The only thing missing is grandmas house with a tiny sewing machine…lol bet this will not be his only qullt.

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