Collect YOUR Motifs! Doodle Thursday

Doodle Cards, Lori Kennedy, Free Motion Quilting

Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers, and Zentanglers!

Have you ever sat down at your sewing machine and been at a loss for what motif to quilt?


In my new Craftsy class, Machine Quilting Techniques:  From Doodle to Design, I recommend that you follow along with pen in hand to practice the motifs while I draw them and again when I stitch them.  Once you are confident with doodling the motif, use a white gel pen to doodle the motif onto colored card stock (available at most craft stores).

Doodle Cards, Lori Kennedy, Free Motion Quilting

By placing notecards in a ring, you can shuffle through them, and choose a few at a time to get started with the design process.

Add more cards as you master more motifs.

Doodle Cards, Lori Kennedy, Free Motion Quilting

And of course….YOU know where to find lots of motifs!

Please post photos of YOUR notecards on Facebook (and tag The Inbox Jaunt), on Instagram #quiltwithlori    #EasyFMQ  @theinboxjaunt and on the Craftsy platform—your fellow students would LOOOOVE to see them—and so would I!

Happy Quoodling!


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9 thoughts on “Collect YOUR Motifs! Doodle Thursday

  1. I have taken your class and your advice about the motifs with one modification. My collection is in a small binder. My sewing room is under renovation right now so one of the things I am doing is going over my crafty classes and doodle recording all the different designs that I learned from great teachers like yourself, Angela Walters and Christina Carmelli. I still have lots to get down on paper. Thanks for the great idea.

      • Christina Camelli has a different style of teaching to Angela Walters…they both have young and fresh ideas…I recently joined Christina’s Wild Quilting and have enjoyed the freedom of no boundries between designs and the free flow between areas of the quilt. Angela has a more formal approach…she also has a relaxed style of presenting her ideas. I enjoyed the tutorial available on Craftsy with Angela called Negative Space.

  2. I really enjoyed you new class at Craftsy and loved this idea. I plan to do the cards and go over motifs both from the class and from this blog. I better get lots of paper and a big ring 😉

  3. What a great idea -especially about a white gel pen. I collect WAY more samples of everything I might need, but I think this woud be very useful.

  4. I keep track of all my quilting designs in a scrapbook. After I doodle /draw out the designs on my scrap paper I then draw them again in marked out squares in the scrapbook. Thanks for you wonderful ideas and sharing so
    Dorothy ..

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