15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Love your picture today. Last night I took pictures of the two feet of snow on our deck! It makes interesting designs on the covered swing and picnic table. Oh well, this is the high country of Colorado and it snows in April-frequently lots of snow. So, I will enjoy your Spring until ours comes-maybe in June.

  2. Lovely, all of it, esp. the foreground blue changing to bronze. There are some good “imitative of water” quilting designs in the foreground.

  3. I had 6″ of snow on my deck and had to put out 4 suet cakes for all of the disgruntled birds. This was in WV. I lived 30 yrs. in CO and was used to this kind of treatment. Moving to the northern part of the south, I expected not to have snow at this time. Wrong!

  4. Lahina? Interesting to see the wind towers on the skyline. We have a wind farm about 20 mi away, and did it bring out the screeching and hollering! Lovely picture.

  5. Lori, I just love your newest Craftsy class. It’s obvious that you’re getting much more relaxed in front of the camera and your lessons are excellent. I have actually ordered colored card stock, loose leaf rings, and white gel pens (all from Amazon, of course, as I pretty much support them! ?), and am starting my own design notebook. Thanks for all you do…

  6. I’m about to start your new class on Craftsy and plan on getting my supplies tomorrow. Hopefully I can find most/all locally in CT/RI area, but if not, Amazon is always available… Looking forward to seeing what everybody does!

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