16 thoughts on “Fine Art Saturday

  1. We have these in our yard every summer. They are so fascinating to watch.
    What Quilt Shop in your area do you like to shop at? I don’t live too far from Stillwater and was wondering where you shop locally. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Love this painting. We also have the Pileated “Woody Woodpeckers” come to our feeder. They make me think of pre historic times.

  3. We were blessed to inherit 3 Audubon books from my mother-in-law. Our grands love the books too. Lori, beautiful print today ! PS, Aren’t we glad he had a loving father and his wife to raise and educate him.

      • Thank you. MILaw lived til age 91 and was still talking about the birds coming to the feeder on her balcony in her beloved Neillsville, Wisconsin. We drove her more than once to the Mississippi to see the whooping cranes in their season. She never met a stranger and “educated” everyone about birds/nature.We appreciate the treasures she gave us.

  4. I love the link with your real life sighting earlier this week. We have kookaburras in our part of the world these woodpeckers look like they have a great personality. Thank-you for sharing

  5. I have a resident pair and I love to watch them annihilating stumps on the ground, you see large wood chips just flying in the air. Then you know when they are cruising too, they have a rather loud scream as they tear through the skies.

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