Sun or Rain? Little Bird

Bird, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Birders!

My children laugh at me, but nothing excites me more than when I see a new bird in my yard.  A few weeks ago, the huge Pileated Woodpecker noshed at my feeder!  I’ve been trying to attract this woodpecker for years with all types of seed, suet and specialized feeders–so I shrieked when I saw him….(hence the ridicule!)

I hope he comes back again!

I’ve been busy working on The Big Quilt for my sister, but when my new, ten inch squares of Boundless Fabric arrived, I was distracted by the color!

The ten inch squares are perfect for little samples…and I love the fat quarters for vase quilts!

Boundless Solids

Boundless Fabric, Craftsy

I’m going to add a lot more quilting, of course…

I want to play with some variegated thread…maybe a little metallic…

Perhaps this little ten inch “thumbnail” quilt will become a bigger quilt?

Bird, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Rain or shine it’s always time to quilt!

Happy Stitching!



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29 thoughts on “Sun or Rain? Little Bird

  1. Precious little birdie! I think he is sitting in my surviving Drake elm. Pileated woodpeckers come thru our acre once a year. They hang around for couple weeks in the Autumn. Their favorite tree is what we call a “popcorn” tree AKA Chinese Tallow tree. They eat the large white seeds which are in the process of popping out of the larger green pod they develop in. There is no zoom on the camera in my phone so I don’t have any great close ups. Oh, 35 mm SLR, would that you were not so expensive to be repaired ! We are blessed with many kinds of birds here and I wish I had written down all the bird adventures we have witnessed the past 11 years.Their lives are not static! 🙂

  2. Time for me to get the wren house out-my favorite morning song. In a previous home I put out orange halves for the orioles-they devoured them. They built a nest each year in the huge poplar. One spring an oriole clung to the window screen and stared at us. I’m sure he wanted to know where his orange was!

  3. I love your bird block! We’ve had two pileated woodpeckers at our feeders this winter, and I still get excited every time I see one!

  4. I’ve never tried to attract them with food because I hear them often in my next door neighbor’s tree. It’s so cool to see them up there hammering away at the trunk for bugs. I’m glad you finally got to see one.

  5. Have a very active pair here and I watch them often. Best of all is hearing them as they fly, they seem to scream loudly as they cruise. Stumps on the ground are their café of choice here.

  6. Birds and animals are hilarious to watch. They are determined.
    We have a few woodpeckers here that try to peck on our metal eaves.
    I never thought about putting motifs on 10″ squares! What a great idea!
    I love yours!

  7. Beautiful fabrics…love the wonderful colors <3 Your little bird is adorable as is your April header for the blog. I would love to see that bird also…and yes I would shriek also. I had an Indigo Bunting a few times and got very excited…love their color and beautiful songs.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  8. We have the pileated woodpeckers all year at our house. Our kids called it Mr. P, as they couldn’ pronounce its name. We heard the loons calling last night. Spring is here!! Love the bird quilting.

  9. Cool Woody! We have the Downy striped woody with the red topknot & his significant other who doesn’t have the red . I love watching them at our feeder & then on the rosebud tree. The wonder of nature! Ooh! And the colors of the fabric in the boundless line is just super. I had ordered some the day b4 you mentioned it on the blog and wanted to order every group, but couldn’t afford it. However, I just ordered the 2 1/2 inch strips as I do lots of panels and love the strips for borders. I may have to go and order more of the 10 inch layer cakes for practice though. Cute birdie, & I love the umbrella since its a rainy day here. Happy Day!

  10. Love the idea of little 10 inch quilts! Great to try out new designs…and could be saved to make a quilt as you go quilt. I get so much from you Lori…thanks for taking the time to share with us all.

  11. Did you happen to capture a photo of your *Squee* woodpecker sighting? Love them thar birdies, too, Lori. Being on an almost human uninhabited lake in Florida is such a blessing because of all the water fowl. Not only do we enjoy great bald eagles, giant hawks, blue & gray herons & cormorants on a daily basis, but also the occasional pelican, sea gulls, king fisher, wood stork and just the other day our first sighting of a pink spoonbill. GLORIOUS! Come visit so you can have a look-see, too! ***smiles***

  12. Lori what a wonderful idea! The motifs are what lead me to you. I found some of your motifs pinned on pintrest and followed to you here. I am new to machine quilting and was looking for something for a baby quilt. I love what people are doing with all over quilting but for myself I love the motifs the best. I am half way through your fist class and now I will have to hurry so I can start the second. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. The solids are beautiful. So who makes the solid Boundless fabrics. I have used Kona cotton by Robert Kauffman, Moda Bella solids and RJR solids with 1930’s prints. I am trying to decide out of all of these which fabric I like the best. I looked at how it handles and if it wrinkles badly. I want a favorite to always go too.

  14. I saw the first Pileated Woodpecker in my yard last week! We’ve lived on our wooded acre for almost 30 years and this is the first time I’ve seen one. Such a GRAND bird!

  15. I was so thrilled and excited when we got a pair of ladderback woodpeckers in our yard. Until three years later we discovered they had almost killed our Red Bud tree by completely girdling it in multiple places. Now we have to hang CD from the tree to discourage them as we try to keep the tree alive.

  16. Solids seem to be the trend lately! Very pretty colors. I too, love watching the birds in my yard and am excited when I see a new one. I also love awaking to the sound of birds chirping and singing in the morning.

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