Craftsy Class is OPEN and We Have a Winner!


Lori Kennedy, Craftsy, Doodle to Design

Good Afternoon, Quilters!

I know you’ve all been on pins and needles with me…

I’m thrilled to report that my new Craftsy class launched today!

After months of preparation, a week of filming and countless hours of nail-biting….

Creative Free-Motion Techniques…From Doodle to Design

is ready to view!!!

(and of course, it’s NOT JUST for domestic machine quilters–there are more than 50 motifs that Long Arm Quilters can use as well!)

Craftsy did an amazing job editing!  

Watch the trailer for the video HERE at Craftsy

My favorite part is the motion graphic (animation) of how to do The Surgeon’s Knot–something every quilter should know!


The BEST NEWS–Readers of The Inbox Jaunt get 50% off all week HERE!!!

Doodle to Design, Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

And the WINNER of the class–(thanks to all who entered…)

Quilts4MimiCongratulations!!  We are all so excited for you!



I’m also excited to see the video version of The Inbox Jaunt all neat and tidy, and organized in one two places! (Divide and Conquer-Creative Quilting at 50%off HERE)

Get your pens, popcorn and tootsie rolls ready!!

It’s time to doodle a design!




PS…Quilt-a-long continues tomorrow–so if YOU are not update–stitch while you watch!!!

PPS…I just won the award for most exclamation points used on a single WordPress post!!!!!





29 thoughts on “Craftsy Class is OPEN and We Have a Winner!

  1. Okay Lorri, beyond disappointed not to have won(grin) Have learnt so much from your blog and directed my group to it. Am more than happy to sign up for the new class and learn even more

  2. Congrats QuiltsforMimi! How exciting for you! Thank you, Lori, for the 50% off…I’ve already watched the trailer, signed up, and printed out the class material! Love your classes and blog. Keep those classes coming!

  3. Congratulations Quilts4Mimi. I just signed up and watched the first lesson. It’s great. I’m looking forward to watching all of them and practicing, practicing, practicing.

  4. Looks exciting! I am still working on your first class but thought I had best jump on the wagon while the price is right. Love your work and your classes are great.

  5. Thank you! I just saw and purchased – I love a sale…and your instructing! Thank you and Craftsy (I’m a fan of that company as well)! Looking forward to this class, I have your previous one too!

  6. I just signed up …. 50% off is a “biggie” for me…the classes are always worth every penny but at half off who can resist? Why, there’s simply no excuse not to!!! lol….Thanks, Lori…I look forward to this class as much as before. Kathy in WV

  7. Congratulations Lori. I just signed up. I have been following your blog for a while now. Thank you so much for doing this class. Really look forward to doing it with you.

  8. Congratulations to the winner and a thank you for the 50% link. I look forward to watching your newest class!

  9. Congratulations to Quilts for Mimi, I’m excited for you. I will be getting you class later on. Now is not a great time for me to take something else on. But it gives me something to look forward to. 😎

  10. FIRST.I want to congratulate quilts4mini I’m very new to this blog and I’m a little lost to all this..So a little help to guide through all this FMQ will be helpful.I had practice but not with good result.Thank you ladies.

  11. Lori, so excited to have won your Doodle to Design class! Can’t wait to begin! Loved your Divide and Conquer class, learned so much. Thank you!!

  12. Lori – Just signed up for your two classes–thanks for the promotional 50% off savings this week; can’t wait to get started. I’m re-entering the quilting world from a long absence due to work! I have purchased my dream machine (Bernina) and have already completed 5 quilts. Hoping your video will help with a Christmas quilt that has been hanging on my design wall for 6 months. Can’t even begin to figure out how to FMQ the design–probably thinking way too much on this simple box (present) design. Thanks again! Love your blog!!!!!!!! Yes, I love exclamation points too!

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