13 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Ironic…my quilting friend is on a European tour and will be in the Van Gogh Museum today or tomorrow.This is a sad story RE his model/friend. I wonder what happened to her children. Vincent’s use of black and white heightens the mood I feel.

      • Exactly….you know, that small segment showing her face has provoked so much emotion and thought in all of us seeing her…amazing painting of her face….I just want to hug her. I had never seen this one before either. Thank you Lori.

  2. Without reading further, this portrait conveys exactly my feeling growing up and being taken to fabric shops by a Mom who loved to sew. I would sit under the bolt tables trying to escape the smell of the (formaldehyde) dyes that were used in fabrics back then. No fond memories here…….and, oh yes, I was a “tom boy” and anything indoors was like being in jail!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. Sweet.
    I have piles of books on Vincent Van Gogh.
    Three volumes of letters. My parents collected a lot of books.
    I do love his sketches and the letters are very interesting.
    I just love this one. That little girl looks bored 😛

  4. Lori, I have books and have been to exhibits of Van Gogh, one of my favorite artists, and never saw this- thank you!

  5. Such a sad story. But, wonderful to have it played out in art. The Kneeling by the cradle is beautiful and so tender.
    Thanks for your research and sharing.

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