Open Line Friday…Everyone Asks, Everyone Answers!

Radiant Beauty Quilt, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Today is Open Line Friday–everyone asks, everyone answers!  No question is too small and we need everyone to chime in…we have lots of experience out there–you don’t need to be an “expert” just tell us YOUR experience…

I will start…


Several people asked about the quilts in my sewing room.

The orange and the green quilts were from a book by Valori WellsRadiant New York Beauties

It is one of the few books from which I stitched multiple projects!

Radiant Beauty Quilt, Lori Kennedy

The Poppy Quilt was from a pattern by Carol Morrisey

I scoured the countryside for red batiks in different shades to create this quilt and I used a green background instead of the yellow background she recommended (my daughter said the red and yellow reminded her of McDonalds!)

Poppy Quilt, Lori Kennedy


Someone asked if they could use a Silpat-the teflon cooking sheet in place of a Supreme Slider teflon sheet.

I use a Supreme Slider from LaPierre whenever I quilt to allow the quilt to slide easily over the machine bed.  (See Seven Steps to FMQ)    The teflon sheet provides a nice slippery surface.  I don’t think a Silpat would work because it is slightly textured.

When your quilt is fairly small (like our quilt-a-long quilt) you may not need the Supreme Slider.

Another way to help your quilt glide is to iron your backing with a shot of spray starch.

Supreme Slider, Lori Kennedy


I have heard from several of you that photos are suddenly showing up very small on your iPads.

I have not changed how I format my photos, so I really don’t know what to say…


I received this from a long time reader…

Hi Lori,
I have enjoyed you and your blog for quite some time now, and now have a weird problem, having to do with Word Press…I was trying to make a comment on your Inbox, and somehow they made me think I had to have a blog (?!?) to post on your website, or some dumb thing on my part. Anyway, now my name on the posts is G…. I don’t want to be G…. and I don’t know how to change it back to just my name. Can you help?

Can anyone answer this question?


Don’t forget to enter to win my new quilting class on Craftsy!

The winner will be announced on Monday when the class is released…

I’ve seen a few clips and am very excited that The Inbox Jaunt is in video!


What about YOU?  What little question is rolling around in your head?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Happy Stitching!


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83 thoughts on “Open Line Friday…Everyone Asks, Everyone Answers!

  1. Your photos are always so pretty-any tips for taking better pictures of quilts, and the details of the quilting? Thanks for sharing so much time and info!

    • I take a lot of quilt pictures for my website and FB page. My best show-the-details pictures are taken outside in a bright, but not directly sunny spot. Comparing pictures taken indoors vs outdoors, the outdoor pictures are always better. I hang larger quilts over my deck railing and then stand below to take the picture. For smaller quilts I often lay them on my porch and stand on a bench above it to take the picture. I also take several different pictures from different angles, and sometimes from different places with varying light, and then compare to find the best shot.

  2. Good morning! I am working on an appliqué wall hanging quilt with large poppies and leaves. It would be so much easier if I quilted the background first before I iron down and quilt the appliqués. I used Misty Fuse for the appliqué pieces. Question- will the background quilting show through the poppies and leaves?

    • I’ve never done it that way. Am interested to hear what others think. Are you machine appliqueing the poppies?

    • Hi Cathie. I made a blue, monocromatic horse and then fused it to a black batik background that I gridded on my longarm. None of the stitching shows through. Most of my customers applique/fuse after I quilt their quilts as they want the continuity throughout their design. Go for it!

  3. Love the idea of spray starch on the backing of the quilt to make it more slippery. Would Best Press work or does it have to be starch? I’m a little leery of putting starch in my quilt since I rarely wash my quilts (unless I absolutely have to) and hate to leave it in? Or am I being paranoid? LOL My cabinet is not very slippery. Could I put spray starch on the cabinet instead? Or some other ‘stuff’ to make it slippery? I still have to deal with the hinges on the top of that cabinet….pain in the neck! Hoping hubby can build me something this summer!

    • Spray and wipe your cabinet with furniture polish. Or if it is not a wood surface, amour-all makes a very slick surface

      • Thanks for all the great tips! I’ll try a few one of these days and hope to remember to report back 🙂

    • I bought a cheap plastic tablecloth (with flannel backing) and cut it to fit over my entire sewing area and draped down the sides as well. Then I cut out the area around the machine bed, taped it in several places with painters tape. I do put a little furniture polish on a cloth and rub it on my machine bed also. Even a large, heavy quilt will slide around with ease and doesn’t get caught on uneven areas.

      • What a fabulous, and simple idea. I’m going out to get some plastic table cloth ‘by the metre’ to do this today. Thank you for sharing your idea and I can’t believe i haven’t thought of it before (I’ve sewn my supreme slider to the back of a quilt and ruined it – didn’t think of taping it down….)

    • I “built” my own quilting surface by getting cardboard boxes/styrofoam the height of my sewing machine extension table. Then I put the boxes/styrofoam in a large black plastic bag. To the left of this arrangement, I have a large table the same height as my sewing machine extension table/quilting surface (a folding table set up to the correct height on 4 overturned bowls). Before I quilt, I tape in place a teflon oven liner with an opening cut out for the needle. It works great and didn’t cost much other than a little time and ingenuity.

    • There is a product called sewer aid that is silicon and you can wipe it on the sewing table and it will slick up the surface with out adding anything your quilt will pick up. It also works great on thread -especially metallic to make it slip through your machine with less breakage.
      I have also heard there is a Teflon product for the bottom of your oven that works great. No texture.
      Just another way to go.

  4. I loved the pics of your sewing room! Only my close friends, non-judgmental types, are invited into my workspace to see quilts in progress. My granddaughter finds that the clutter is very inconvenient for her; she likes to create with playdoh on my extender table.

  5. What is the “rule of thumb” with FMQ–left to right—right to left—top to bottom–or bottom to top? I am sure you should reactive all of the above.

    • Yes–all of the above…but when I have a choice: Top to bottom and right to left–as then you can see the direction you are going–what’s coming next!
      Great question!

  6. Do you tape down your Supreme Slider with painter’s tape? I was using mine the other day and it slid and yup, sewed thru it a ways before I caught it. Wasn’t sure if I just needed to re moisten it and clean it up some. I love the Supreme Slider tho, makes it much easier to move the quilt even tho my insert for my cabinet is fairly smooth.

    Love your quilts, thanks for sharing. I had been wondering about the poppy one.

    • Well, I have a real “duh” moment for that one! I changed to the walking foot and couldn’t figure out why my machine wouldn’t feed right…should have checked, but I was in a hurry and kept going!! Yup, slider still on and chewed the opening!!! Sadness…but it still works and I double check a little more often now LOL.

  7. Not a question…just wanted to share a product I am using and LOVE…the purple Clover disappearing marker. It has a fine tip and it really does disappear (sometimes too fast). I learned the hard way that you mark and then quilt,,..don’t mark several blocks and then take a coffee break (they will be gone when you come back). Using it to mark straight lines that I am quilting within a star block. Great tool for your FMQ tool box.

    • I believe this same company makes a pen (I have two but there is not maker label on it) that has a marker at each end. one is disappearing ink (the purple side) and then a light blue marker on the other end that stays on until you blot it with a wet cloth. The light blue side stays on for several coffee breaks and days. 🙂

  8. I love the Poppy quilt, Lori. I like the green back ground too. It looks classy.
    Our daughters…. what would we do without them <3

    After my very first DXA scan last week, to check my bones for crumbling, I received the news that I have osteopenia. As an RN I know what the heck this is, and I am appalled. Then again, my nutritional focus has faded over the years….

    What are all of you ladies scarfing to keep your bones healthy?
    Why doesn't Keebler make Vienna Fingers loaded with 1200 mg Calcium and Vitamin D? My very first adorable grandbaby is going to be one year old in June and she is getting heavy.

    Furthermore, I do not want to collapse into a heap of bones at the tender age of 60, helping my 93 year old mom to the bathroom after her afternoon beauty sleep.

    Lori, I enjoy reading your blog posts every day. I do not always comment, I am sorry, but I always read them, and many of the comments too

      • Magnesium malate and calcium daily and more walking reversed my ostopenia and subsequent osteoporosis back to strong bones. My sister just had surgery and month long rehab for osteoporosis in her ankle she didn’t know she had. The ankle suddenly broke, she fell and injured her brand new knee replacement.Thus the consequences. Blessings to you, R ., from Marta age 74

      • Same for me a year ago. I started on Bone Maximize capsules. Amazon. My bone density test a month ago, after using it a year, showed all was normal! So either I actually regrew some bone or it arrested the loss. 3 a day is easy so you can keep loving those babies.

    • Rosemary, I still do not have any signs of Osteopena and I am 66. I am not a healthcare professional but I believe and contribute it to dairy in some form at each meal and high calcium veggies as well as weight bearing exercise like walking, etc. Hopefully you can help slow the progression by upping your nutrition focus and adding some exercise.

      • thank you so much Sharkiecat and Michele.
        I have been neglecting my health the past two years taking care of my parents. Now I am paying the price.
        I am going to try Almond Milk.
        I treadmill 2 measly miles at 4mph a day, I guess I should up the distance like I used to do.
        Thank you <3

      • Tip I do out of self defense…I use a 2 liter used washed soda container as a weight. We keep a stash of filtered water for when the electricity goes out and the pump is thus out too. One day I was quilting in the garage/cottage and fabric kept slipping
        off the table! I grabbed a 2 liter and weighted the fabric in place.. It worked so well I use 1-6 of them regularly now. It also works to block fabric from sliding off. I even
        have weighted my older 6″ X 24″ ruler while rotary cutting.

      • I had a tip on weighting things on the table but I see I posted it to Rosemary above by mistake…

      • I have posted inside a box that is labeled Reply to Michele and the posts went under Rosemary. Just didn’t want Michele to miss it.Thus trying again.

    • Yeah, Rosemary, it’s important. I sneezed (a GENTLE sneeze, too, mind you) and broke my back. A collapsed vertebrae, THE.WORST.PAIN.EVER! And the kicker was that I was just coming out of a 5 month rehab for a spinal fusion lower down. So, make time for self-care, ‘cuz you’ll have to later, if you don’t do it now.

      A dear friend, who just happens to be a chiropractor (nope, don’t use ’em myself, but he’s very holistic & osteopathic/homeopathic) recommends Osteosheath, by Vinco. Pretty much has everything you’ll need in it, and no gluten or dairy. I that and my B12 Chewables from I had to special order the B12 (Earthsweet is the brand), and they were super nice & quick about getting them in, no extra cost. PLUS, there’s FREE SHIPPING on all their products, no need to place a big order.

      All that, and walking….try to do 5 miles a day, with some ankle weights, if possible. I’ve been doing real well with that up till last night. When I stubbed my big toe. And broke it. See what I mean – might as well prevent/reverse it now if you can.

      Good luck!

  9. Your beautiful New York Beauty quilt makes me think of the suns on CBS Sunday Morning. You really should submit a photo of it for them to use one Sunday morning!!

  10. My question… I have so much trouble making the “sandwich” for any quilt larger than 30 inches X 30 inches. No matter if I use the angled safety pins, baste by hand, etc.
    I always have puckers, etc. that ruin the quilting. Does anyone have a tried and true method?
    I have used warm and natural usually, sometimes another brand (always cottons) and sometimes flannel as a batting. I pin and smooth from the middle on one side. I then flip and smooth and re-pin, etc. Right now there is a sandwich in limbo for my granddaughter. She bought a large deer scene panel when she visited Keepsake last summer. I thought sure I would have it done for Christmas..I am going to have to take out the top third of quilting and, whew, have I procrastinated ! Have discovered that I don’t procrastinate with projects that I feel confident in how to do them. Thank you in advance.

  11. Not a quilting comment or question but me too, have been told I have osteopenia and my girl friend says I am shorter than her now. I also do not take anything for cholesterol as I have enough arthritus in my hands and the drugs usually affect the joints. I do take red yeast rice for the cholesterol, but feel I will need to take some drugs soon to stay strong longer so I can Quilt. Any suggestions as to what works for others is appreciated.
    Would be interested in more info on what to quilt where – not knowing what to try and free motion quilt in different spaces.
    I really appreciate the variety of tips and look forward to the quilt along project.

  12. I read the tip above about the supreme slider and want to tell you about a product which may be a less expensive alternative. They are 14″ x 14″ non-stick teflon sheets made to use in a food dehydrator. They are less than 1/16 inch thick and quite slippery with almost no texture. They are also inexpensive, about 1.25 each in a package of nine. I got mine at Amazon. Thanks for answering our questions today, there were a few asked that I had been wondering about too.

  13. Getting more experience with FMQ and just finished a baby blanket with some dense quilting in the center but less dense on the border. Now I have slightly wavy edges. Any tips on balancing density? I think I’m getting lazy by the borders and opt for simple/easy. Guess I better rethink that approach :).

    • It is best to have the same density of quilting throughout the quilt. However, it might work to use a bias binding on your quilt with wavy edges. When you sew it on, stretch it SLIGHTLY. That should pull in the edges a bit. You may have to experiment/rip a bit to gauge how much you need to stretch the binding. Hope this helps!

  14. I use a product called “Sullivans Silicone Spray” on my table surface and also on top of my supreme slider. It makes the surface very slippery for quilting. I learned this from a class I took from Patsy Thompson. Just lightly spray the surface and wipe with a paper towel. When I am quilting and notice things starting to pull or drag, I just spray my surface and BAM slick again! Love it. Nancy’s Notions sells it. They say you can spray your bobbin and thread etc. but I choose not to do that. Lori, I just finished a twin sized quilt a month ago using your flower motif in some areas and turned out beautiful. I am not doing the flower motif all over a table topper. I haven’t been able to quilt for just about a year and developed neck and arm issues. So am now using a posture support for help and taking breaks. I am soooooo happy to be back at the machine and trying your things out. Love you first Craftsy class.

  15. I just finished a class on Mississippi Wheel and made a tote bag from the end piece from the class. KAren Stone has a book out with a large variety of quilts using the New York Beauty and similar ideas. Check it out!
    Also a lady just me she uses Silicone spray on her table surface , spray and wipe the table. She says it does not hurt her fabric. I haven’t tried it yet, I usually just use my furniture polish . Sometimes the quilt slips too much as I have no stopper to my left it keep it on the table. Have to come up with a solution for that.

    • A word of caution to silicone spray users – I live in a two-story colonial, and one time I used silicone spray (aerosol) upstairs and apparently the overspray drifted downstairs and made my front foyer/hall floor slippery! Just be careful.

  16. For the person that had a problem leaving a comment, I haven’t noticed any change on wordpress blogs. When leaving a comment, the boxes allow you to fill in your email address, your name (as you wish it to be displayed) and is optional to fill in your blog address, if you have one. Maybe try leaving another comment to test, but before you press the “post comment” button double check the three boxes below, to show they have your name the way you want it to be reflected.

    Fun post Lori.


    • I was going to say the same thing. Since I have a WordPress blog, it takes my name from my profile. Your browser is probably filling in the name as you last typed it, just retype it what you want it to be. Next time you do a comment, and start to fill in the box, all the previous things you used starting with the same letter will show, just highlight the one you don’t want and do a shift-delete and it will go away forever. If you didn’t want G, then type g in the box, highlight the popup ‘g’ by moving your cursor over it, and shift-delete. Then type in what you want and it should pick that up next time.

    • Lori is using a plugin that has social sign in from various services, including, which is what the user was confused about .The G icon is from, and avatar service.

      So, next time leaving a comment she should sign out of that box, then just fill in name and email, then click the “post comment” button. You do not have to fill in the “website” url box and you can skip the social icons if you wish.

      (Lori, if you need an annotated screenshot let me know)

  17. I loved seeing your studio, a work in progress i always tell my husband. I share my space with the laundry room and now I have a 53″ weaving loom there also. I need t call the carpenters and get me a FLEX ROOM. I love your wall quilts…you are an inspiration.

  18. I recently finished a flannel rag quilt for my new grandson. There were 30 squares and I used each one to try out one of your quilting motifs. It was a great way to practice (I figured a baby doesn’t care if I mess up.). My only regret is that I used a thread that blended into the fabric rather than a darker contrasting color, hence most of the designs are hard to see except in bright light. The owl was one of my favorites.

  19. There are some interesting topics here, today. Lori, I watched your Craftsy class this week, and although I have my sandwich made for your stitch-along, I have not started yet. My question is: most of your instructions are for well defined spaces in pieced quilts. Will you address quilting on applique quilts–civil war, folk art ,etc??
    Thank you–I’m so happy that I’ve found your website.

  20. What a wonderful family of fabric artists you have collected. I will trying some of the suggestions for FMQ as far as the slider goes. I have made my quilt sandwich and have done the first two stitches. Not perfect, but good to know that I think I can improve. Thanks for the info on Carol Morrisey designs, I have her bookmarked for a later project this summer, when it is hot, hot hot in AZ.
    ConnieB of AZ

  21. I am currently echo quilting a mostly applique quilt I designed. I am wondering about the need to actually sew over my vines that are hand stitched onto the top. I have fused and blanket stitched the leaves and now sewn around them but am unsure about the vines. I really don’t want to sew all the vines down because it will be quite time consuming and I don’t want to lose the texture of the vines on the quilt surface. Any tips? Thanks so much for your amazing tutorials. I do get inspired every time. K-

  22. It would be interesting to discuss how to take it easy on our bodies when we quilt. I am tall so I tend to hunch over when I sew. I have had “normal deterioration” in my back, and also neglected myself while helping with aging parents and grandgirls. Good diet, calcium (only 500 mg at a time-your body won’t absorb more), weight bearing exercises (walk!), and resistance exercises for my back-also great for abs, arms, and legs. Now if I can just remember to do it!!! I have a treadmill in my sewing room and just a 10 minute walk stretches my back and gives me a sewing break.

      • Would it be appropriate for your table legs to be set up on boards to make the sewing machine level a few inches higher?
        I am somewhat tall but pillows in office chair and a wooden box under the monitor-computer helped me to be on computer without resulting back pain.

    • You can get “Bed Risers” for the legs of your table to get it to the right hight. Take the Pain out of the back.

  23. Laurie, I’m still getting small pictures on my iPad. Your site seems to be the only one where this is happening. I haven’t upgraded my iPad since version 8.2. I wonder if this is causing the problem. Maybe some techie can figure this out.

    • Mom I, I have no problem with my iPad. What are you using for a browser. Have you changed that. I have not updated my iPad from version 8.2. There still seems to be glitches with the new one in our area of the country.

  24. My slipslider has a new bottom so no slipping, wonderful! i cut it out to the size of my machine throat and left the rest apart from a small hole snipped in the middle for the needle! But keep it nice and clean!

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