My Sewing Room This Week

Good Morning, Quilters!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my sewing room and posted this photo of my sewing room:

My Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

At the time, I admitted the other half of the room was less serene.

My friend, Tracy Mooney from Generation Q Magazine challenged me to show the rest…

This is very hard for me…

Don’t judge…though I know you will…(I’m feeling very judgmental about it right now!)

The book cases are leftovers from my daughter’s college dorms…(I’d rather buy fabric?)

Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

As you can see, focus is somewhat of an issue….

Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

Well, they say that admitting we have a problem is the first step….

I’m calling the carpenter TODAY!

What about YOU?  Are you willing to share a photo of your sewing room right now?

Are YOU a focused quilter?

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Happy, Cluttered Sewing!


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93 thoughts on “My Sewing Room This Week

  1. My sewing room is all packed up for our semi-annual relocation, back north for the summer. My sewing room there will be in turmoil for the first week, as I unpack everything and find a home for all my “stuff”. I’m hoping to re-arrange my area over the summer months, as there is lots of craft stuff that hasn’t been used in a long while, and needs to find a new home. I also have some quilting deadlines to meet, and my grandson to hug!

  2. Looks like mine! Once when I was selling my former house I told the realtor that I would clean up my space before she had any showings. She said “Please don’t. It looks like just what it is.” Had no trouble selling that house!

  3. You shouldn’t worry, it looks like a fun and creative space. Mine looks similar but, not as bright because I have a sewing basement. I have put in a load of “daylight”lights and it works well for me. As long as you enjoy it, then it is perfect.

      • Once every blue moon when I do clear the decks, it’s such a refreshing feeling of possibilities of what to do next. I hardly notice the mess creep back, and it seems such a waste of time – to tidy or to sew (I’m not even going to add a question mark)!

  4. I have gotten into the habit of at least putting away the stuff from the last quilt like left over fabric and such before I can start a new quilt. Most of it gets put on the quilting table, but at least it is off the cutting table so I can cut a new batch of fabric. Make me feel like I did do some cleaning or maybe its rearranging? 😉

  5. “This is not messy, its the look of creativity. Melinda Bula on TQS. Its the stuff that gets up on its own and moves somewhere else lol that drives me crazy.

  6. I don’t think it looks bad at all. Whenever I really clean up and organize, then I don’t want to mess it up! I can’t send pictures of mine until I get it cleaned up!

  7. Everyone’s sewing space looks like that more often than not. No shame in a creative jumble. I love the poppy quilt!

  8. Typical Dutch, mine is pristine, clean it each time a quilt is finished! my wardrobe has shelves and lots of matching clear containers and labels and so do all my tool boxes! As my mother said, a place for everything and everything in place! Now where the heck did I leave my little measuring ruler, still don’t know where it went, hahahaha! See, no one is perfect so celebrate yourself!

  9. Your space looks reassuringly like my own. If you can do such fantastic work in a space like this, I have no excuse! Sometimes I find sorting and cleaning the sewing room gets right in the way of just STARTING… (or finishing…the project, the quilting, etc…).

  10. I have gotten used to my sewing room – then I took a picture….OMG The camera made it 2 dimensional and really bad. So thru the picture out and refolded all my stash 🙂 It’s all about space and time-2 things we never have enuf of

  11. I had six delightful friends come today to sew in my sewing room-a converted family room in our garden level basement. We are sewing for a November craft show to benefit our local crises pregnancy center. We had a great day sewing and sharing…tomorrow will be soon enough to return all the ‘stuff’ to where it belongs-at least most of the time. Tomorrow I will do the assignment for the quilt along. I try to keep things organized and I do a comfortably good job. Mostly, I love my sewing space. My husband has built the sewing desk which is perfect, cabinets and bookcases. I like to sew and quilt and do so most days and I enjoy sharing with friends and helping them grow in their skills. I have been a sewer for about 70 years (yes, I started young). I was a home economics teacher and have taught quilting classes from time to time. So, now, I;m happy to help others=at the same time I look to others like Craftsy and this blog site to help myself along. I just enjoy my space.

  12. Nice to see that you are just like the rest of us Lori, just normal, trying to be creative sewers.

  13. Trust me you are not alone. Most of us could use a good cleaning in our rooms.
    I started moving my sewing/quilting stuff down from upstairs to our enclosed porch. It has taken me almost 3 months and, I’m still not done.
    I covered the floor in a cushiony vinyl and, purchased fantastic cabinets from Home Depot (now installed), I have refold most of my fabric. BUT now I’m allergic to my fabric and, must wear a face mask and plastic gloves to finish. I tried to pre-wash but it was taking to long. When the room is done there will be a place for everything which I love. II’m trying to stick to a new rule “No fabric purchase until equal amount or more goes out in a quilt or other project.”

    • No fabric purchase until equal amount or more goes out in a quilt or other project.” AMEN –
      and, “Good luck with that:)

  14. My room looks nothing like the machine photo and a lot like your following photos without the shelves but 2 folding tables, old dining table and a ping pong table. I have a number of unfinished projects in different areas…all waiting to be finished. Some are quilting or fabric related projects and some are paper (cards). I never seem to get caught up and need to drop everything to start a project for a birthday or something. I find if it is tidy, I can’t find anything and don’t want to mess it up. I find I work better in an organized clutter. I love my space and it works for me! Be proud of your space and all you accomplish in it. Thanks for the tour…good to know I am not the only one with stations for each project to focus on. Happy cluttered sewing to you too!

  15. Congrats on taking the challenge! Your sewing room looks like a happy, creative person has fun there. Mine is much messier with stacks of fabrics, unfinished projects, collections of fabric “ideas” for quilts, and lots of books and papers. Still, I manage to create. I do try to clean my cutting/pressing area before starting a new project, though, and that helps.

    • That’s one of my biggest problems–everything gets piled on the cutting table!

    • I thought I was the only one who had to use the dining room table–not good when company is expected! Then everything gets stuffed away and can’t find it when I’m ready to sew again.

  16. Well, I don’t do instagram and so can’t show photos of my rooms… yes, there are 3, using small spaces in 2 and most of 3rd..
    I will just write off the top of my head here… You ladies look/sound like amateurs in the messy department. How is that for being judgemental? !! 🙂 Our guest room twin beds are piled high. Our garage/cottage has a large drafting table where I cut and design and sew/quilt, but I have to actually carry supplies and go out there to work. There is another room inhouse that is supposed to be my sewing room. It has 4 walls. Wall One has 3 closet doors. First closet has husband’s files so nothing rests in front of it. Two have notions, crafts of all kinds. Wall Two has french doors to outside deck. Wall Three has fuse box in wall..and a twin bed and its matching chest of drawers full of husband’s childhood games. Can you say Connect 4 and chess and checkers and Game of the States, etc. for grands to use. I use twin bed as a counter top for sewing stuff. Wall Four has set of double French doors opening into living room. Thus in mid floor is a table for sewing machine/small items-piecing, my ironing board, boxes and 2 rolling plastic drawer things (5 more in my bathroom.) We can barely walk around in this sewing room. However, I have view of flowers out the deck and of TV in LR. Sorry I can’t give you a belly laugh with photos. When I was laid up with injured leg, some guild members came to visit and they still love me..I was mortified that they saw it all….But now I embrace it.. I have actually produced passable quilts in these conditions. Like Maxine… it all hangs out !

      • Well, not exactly….flowers are in big pots on the deck..But there are some vase quiltys in the LR under the camellia and the Easter lily! 🙂

  17. Lori, now I feel better. My sewing room looks like a counterpart to yours. I thought having a dedicated room for all my sewing would keep it neater. Maybe all the projects in my ADHD head just keep on coming. LOL.
    You have such great inspiration, just keep on!

  18. Lori, I love your sewing room. I was used to sewing in the motor home I was living in ( I actually finished a lot of quilts in the 2 years I lived there) In January I moved into a 1 bedroom trailer. Lots more space now but not near enough. My machine and some of my fabric are in the living room. I use the kitchen table to cut on. Needless to say I rarely eat at the table. I moved the bulk of my fabric into the bedroom but are still in bins. I have a dresser to move in there and then best of fabrics will be put in there. Some scraps will be sorted into see through bins and put in the closet. I like to be organized but am still a mess with all the quilting projects I have to work on. Love your blog and your free motion quilting tuts. I am 73 years old and have only been quilting about 4 years. Lots to learn and my bucket list is long.

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