15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Mornin Lori,

    Robins must be migrating as there were 75 or more according to my daughter, I did’t count them, just enjoyed watching them drink from the fountains & baths. They then ran over to the ground underneath the feeders, but didn’t find anything to suit their appetite. Then, they converged on the Periwinkle ground cover–we should have gotten a picture but we were mesmerized with their actions. They appeared to have a director, a drab coloured Robin who was sort of herding them where they should go next or flying almost onto their backs as she diverted them to another flower bed. The Rubekia is blooming & they wallowed in it. That was very odd & they stayed for some time. The Robins are still on our street & continue to visit the fountains & baths.

  2. Awwwwwww, so sweet and the composition is so attractive. The colors are just so…well, you used the best light to frame a peaceful scene for joy and meditation.
    We had one robin a week ago…unless they are sneaking by when I am inside. We have a weed that comes every Spring among the lawn grass blades. It has a 2-3 week life cycle. All birds seem to love the teeny white seeds it produces very quickly. The birdies hop among the stems and eat at eye level !

  3. My robins were here in January this year (seemed earlier than usual) and I again wondered if they were crazy. They do love the juniper berries, so maybe the sloe gin keeps them functioning. They seem to be gone now, but I hear the magpies and had a whole yard full of California quail yesterday.

    Yes, the robins are harbingers of spring.

  4. This photo touched me so much this morning. Maybe it’s because we had a cold spell blow in last night and there is snow on the ground and I had to scrape my windshield before going to church! But even without the late snowfall today, there is something so beautiful to me about these birds in the bare branches, harbingers of spring. (Although I’m told that robins don’t necessarily migrate to warmer climates anymore, but are still here through the winter these days.) Regardless, I love this photo. A perfect Silent Sunday mood.

  5. The robins stay here all year round in North Carolina and it is always a pleasure to watch them in the winter scrounge thru the leaves for bugs and worms, but seeing them in a group of more than two is a treat.

  6. Love the picture…Robin’s are a sure sign of spring for me. Snow on the ground again!
    Yuke wish it would just go away .

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