5 thoughts on “Fine Art Saturday

  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your all of your posts. I do mostly handwork; knitting, needlepoint, and big stitch hand quilting. I first found your site looking for tutorials on free motion quilting, which I thought I would like to learn. For a while I faithfully worked through all of the doodling assignments, then jumped right into a practice piece of free motion quilting &…. did not like it! at all!! Your tutorials are such a treat to read & see and I really enjoy the Fine Art Saturday & Seamstresses in Fine Art. I’m learning so much about so many different artists & disciplines. And Silent Sundays are fabulous! Thank you so much for providing such an interesting site. Oh, in response to Open Line Friday, I prefer stitcher!

      • So sorry, but, really I’m a hand stitcher. Straight lines are all I can manage on the machine!! Your tutorials make it look sooo easy – who knows, maybe I’ll try again someday.

  2. How fun, I have this print in my bathroom along with the hands touching from “the creation of Adam”

  3. I find it fascinating to see all the different ways these ladies styled their hair and sleeves. When you are all wearing almost the same outfit, some individualization pleases. I wish that one leaning way over just above the middle of the picture on the right would stand up. I don’t want her to fall down-go boom! I didn’t find a synopsis for The Golden Stairs. They look to be a musical troupe of some type, IMHO. Did they have a “costumer” who prepared them for performances? Very interesting, Lori.

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