Tea and Doodles

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quoodlers (Quilt-Doodlers)!

In keeping with our Downton Abbey theme this week….

(Today is the last chance to enter to win FIVE YARDS of Downton Abbey fabric)

I thought we might doodle one of my favorite motifs, The Teacup.

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

It’s easy to doodle once you break it down:

An oval, the letter “U”, a handle, another handle, a small oval, a large oval—The Perfect Cup of Tea!

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Some people would fill it with Darjeeling….

Others…Earl Grey…

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Some like Green Tea…

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Others prefer Tisane…

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy

However, I know what YOU will fill YOUR teacup with….

How to Draw a Teacup, Doodles, Lori Kennedy


My cup runneth over,


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26 thoughts on “Tea and Doodles

  1. O4acupofT…. That’s the vanity licence plate my husband designed. The progression of your doodle teaches me that organization is so important to FMQ. Love the purple vase quilt in the background, I am going to practice the centre of this quilt, it looks like it needs serious attention to detail.

  2. I love the teacup motif too ( with lemon tea)…used it in my art in college and always had trouble sketching the saucer..the right side and the left side never matched. Then I discovered I could draw the left side, turn my paper upside down and draw the right side. I think I could turn the fabric upside down if I still have trouble ! Have you tried steam curling out of the cup and let the flower be in a vase nearby? I ask that cause
    I have not tried it yet. LOL

  3. Super cute! I love tea cups and tea pots too! Tea… Not so much. Stout cowboy coffee snob here but still love cute cups! 🙂

  4. Oh my, now we’re doodling…….. what could be better than teacups? Oh, maybe teapots, of which I have a too large collection. Amazing how doodles can transform to fmq with just a bit of practice. Thanks for your continued inspiration, Lori!!

  5. Your doodles remind me of a class I took once…. Using an embroidered frame and sliding it under the foot on my pfaff… (Actually no foot at all). I color played my drawing which was a flower… I’m thinking of doing that on a T Shirt …. Fun.

  6. My favorite quote has nothing to do with Downton Abbey, but it gives me daily inspiration so I offer it here as my entry for the Downton Abbey fabric giveaway. “If you can doodle it, you can quilt it.” From Lori Kennedy! It reminds me to doodle daily, and to doodle everything before I start quilting. Thanks for ALL your inspiration?

  7. I’m in awe every time I open one of your pages. Never thought about free motion quilting like this. You have given me so much to think about and also to try that I just want to give you a big THANKS!

  8. I love your blog! I always thought I would never be an artist because I couldn’t put on paper what was in my head. You break everything down so I can visualize it as well as quilt it. It makes it so much easier to comprehend! Thank you!

  9. love the cups, reminds me of having tea parties with Grandma, although we were just drinking water. It was still fun.Sometimes we even played dressup.
    Thank you never seems enough, you have opened up the creative flow for something l thought would never happen. You make it so much fun and easy.
    I am throwing my party hat in the air !!!!!!!!!! Lol

  10. Awww tea time is my favorite time of day. This is so clever. I am doodling more and more. In fact now all my work notes look like I’m not paying attention anymore; they are filled with beautiful designs :- ) But I find myself doodling the same swirl designs and fillers over and over. I needed this, do something new, be brave do something I love…time to venture out with my doodling. Tea cups here I come! Thank you Lori!!!!

  11. I love these. I love tea and tea cuppies and I am going to make some too.
    Lori you are also inspiring to the exhausted lol 😛

  12. I love your teacup at the end!!! How wonderful it would be to sit with a friend and have tea from cups as beautiful as this one. A great post today. Many thanks!!

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