Shamrocks Free Motion Quilting

ShamrocksFMQ.LKennedy002Good Morning, Quilters!

I’ve been finishing up a few of my small, practice pieces.

You might recognize The Double Irish Chain and The Twist...

I used a Kaffe Fasset (rhymes with “safe asset”)  fabric for the binding…

Clover.FMQ.Lori Kennedy

You might also like The Spiral Clover–It was one of my very first tutorials!

Free Motion Quilting-Shamrock Tutorial

The Shamrock

Perhaps stitching one will bring you The Luck of the Irish in our Downton Abbey Giveaway!


Lucky Lori

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15 thoughts on “Shamrocks Free Motion Quilting

  1. Lori, I’m not sure if it’s my iPad or if you have changed something in the way you post pictures, but most of your pics now show up very small and the detail in your quilting is no longer visible. The Double Irish Chain and the Twist are barely visible, although we can go back to the links to see the details, I would love a better look at your finished pieces. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Hi Beth, Thanks for checking in… I haven’t changed anything and I just checked my phone and two computers and everything seems to be working on my end…Another reader just said she can see everything fine on her Kindle…

      • Photos on my desktop are fine. It would be sad not to see Lori’s lovely photos! Aren’t computers a mystery sometimes?

      • Photos and text showing up as usual …and great on my computer. What a bummer to have problems…Hope yours resolved asap…

      • How very exquisite ! All my forefathers and mothers are Irish..came over in the late 1700’s. I wonder whether they brought quilts with them. Lori, this design is wonderful and will be done in tribute to my family. Thank you again for the blessings you share.

  2. Stunning as ever. I have a number of friends in Ireland so this would make a lovely gift. Thanks for sharing and an early Happy St Patrick’s day to everyone 🙂

  3. Both my kids were born on St. Patrick’s Day, two years apart. Shamrocks are a pretty special thing at my house. Thank…this piece is lovely…. elegant plus a little “snazzy” in the border….very Irish 🙂

  4. I love this sample or practice piece, the emerald is my birthstone, so I also love shamrocks. It looks as this sample was done on a canvas or heavier material than quilting cotton. I like the way it is so sharp and crisp looking.

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