18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • There may not be any writing today, but if you stop for a minute and just look, you will see a quilt in the making, using the colours in the beautiful photo.

    • Fortquilt; There is no reason to be rude, if you don’t appreciate Lori’s work, simply move on.

      • At first I was wondering if that was sarcastic or completely tongue-in-cheek! The smiley face is so small on my monitor, I couldn’t decipher it as a clue. Lori, see how loyal your fans are ?!…you get teased and defended !! and loosec2 i enjoy your additions and info. and I return during the day sometimes also. Hey, fortquilt, stay to comment again..and again…! BTW.. did anyone else see the husband’s automobile on facebook that the wife zentangled all over? To return to the subject of Hawaii, my rheumatologist told me once to go to Hawaii to see the flowers/colors. She said no one feels bad around all that beauty..!

  1. Beautiful !! Thank God for the beauty He provided to inspire us and quiet us.
    Thank you

  2. We lived in Bermuda (I know, tough), & our hedges & potted plants were Hibiscus, Oleander, interspersed with Banana trees. We ladies wore the Hibiscus blooms in our hair & for a pretty touch on our dresses at Sunday Mass. They are so breathtakingly beautiful. And Lori, I so enjoy a bit of quiet reflection on your Saturday & Sunday posts. Thank you for your generosity; I for one look forward to these posts & return to them several times a day for a bit of inspiration; “Hey, that is where I can use that awful piece of fabric, I audition some fabrics together & I’ve a project that works!”

  3. That picture says a lot. Minnesota in March?! then I remember you went to Hawaii recently. Hope those memories keep you warm.

    • Those of us here in Florida see the hibiscus flower often. We love and appreciate them. Wonderful photo, Lori.

  4. It’s a beautiful photo, Lori. I have this awful habit, though, that whenever I hear the word or see a picture of one, I remember back in 1966 on a trip to Disneyland. We took the Jungle Cruise ride, and at one point the guide said, “Look over there, it’s a hibiscus. And down there is a low biscus.” Funny what sticks with a person.

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