The Dog Bone Machine Quilting Tutorial

Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Dog-Lovers!

My two Australian Shepherds, Ruby and Roxie,  have been rather frustrated that I have a feline tutorial (see the Cool Cat Here), but I have yet to throw them an FMQ bone.

Today’s tutorial is my response…

Australian Shepard in snow

Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

The Dog Bone Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

This is a very easy motif that can used as a background fill or as a border.

Begin by stitching a 3/4 circle and then a straight line.Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori KennedyAdd a partial heart shape…
Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Stitch another parallel line and close the left side of the bone.

Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy To stitch another bone, add a loop-de-loop line…

Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy Add “bow-wow” or your dog’s name in between bones if you like…

Dog Bone, Quilt Tutorial, Lori Kennedy

Stitch the motifs in a row to create a border or add the looping lines and stitch a background fill.

Merry Christmas!


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May you be the person your dog thinks you are!


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16 thoughts on “The Dog Bone Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. You say “easy”! This would be sew cute on the kennel quilts to go with the new Special Edition 350 from Bernina with the paw prints all over it!

  2. Love it! I have a Sheltie, and am going to have to use these “bones” on one of my quilts!

  3. Very cool, Lori! You might remember I sent you a photo of a quilt I made for the humane society (SoHumane) and asked for ideas. You gave me some, most of which I adopted, and you said you were working on a tutorial of some doggy kind. This is great, as I just started another SoHumane quilt!

  4. Adorable photo but I’m calling you out – I recognize the cookie that is being fed to the dog! 🙂
    Your sister.

  5. This is very cute and I love the thought “may you be the person your dog thinks you are”. Awesome word to live by. Your dogs are beautiful.

  6. Your dogs are beautiful! Hope they are happy now!! My dog Charlie says please give them a milk bone treat from him!!

  7. Beautiful dogs! I enjoyed reading about your vacation on Maui, my husband and I love it there. Hope you found both of the quilt shops and the fabric store as well.

  8. Love that. I’ll have to do that for my Sir Frederick otherwise known as Frisky Fred. And oh, to be the person my dog thinks I am! They do have hero worship, don’t they?

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