My Sewing Room


My Sewing Room, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

Once again, my sewing room hit that level of entropy…you know…where there’s no choice, but to stop and clean…

I thought a few pictures were in order (if only to prove I cleaned it once!)

My Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

My Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

My Sewing Room, Lori Kennedy

Truth be told…only this half of the room is clean–the fabric…oh, the fabric!

Hope your sewing room is clean enough to be productive!

Happy clean-for-the-moment-Monday!


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56 thoughts on “My Sewing Room

  1. Just did a major purge in my sewing room and it feels so good to get somewhat organized! But, more to be done and that ends up getting pushed to the future “sometime”!! I did organize all my UFO’s, but haven’t dared to count them up yet LOL Love your nice clean workspace. I’ll bet it’s messy already LOL.

  2. I am fortunate to have a brand new quilting studio (actually the electrician is coming to finish connecting the lighting tomorrow!) which I have promised myself to keep clean. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the promise. Love your poppy.

  3. Such a beautiful room. I don’t think mine has ever been that orderly. It seems the fabric just creeps of the shelves and towards the center of the room until I can barely walk from one area to another.

  4. HI Lori, my sewing room has looked like a bomb hit it since I made a lot of Christmas gifts. I’m going crazy trying to find anything. Thanks for the nudge 🙂
    That Poppy is gorgeous! It reminds me of O”Keefe

  5. You have inspired me to clean my room, maybe even purge a tiny bit. But what I really want to do is try that big wall hanging, choices choices

  6. I can not get the hang of machine quilting. I have a Bernina Activa 240. It is old and does not have BSR. It would be so nice to have 770 Bernina.

  7. Lori I like the lamp you have by your machine. Where did you get it? I find one can never have enough light. Your room looks great!

  8. My room has been in the process of getting clean for about a month. I still have a cabinet sitting in the hallway. I found something I want to complete and got distracted. “Squirrel!”

    • I like that too My next purchase will a proper sewing table. Any ideas about good not too high end ones?

      • I struggled for a long time with various make shift options and finally bit the bullet and bought a Horn cabinet. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Never found one less expensive that I liked.

  9. Having that beautiful Poppy in front of you while your sewing is so inspiring! Well, now on to the next project! Myself, I have a UFO that’s been waiting for me for over two years! I vow to finish it in the next 30 days!

  10. Our family moved here from a few states distance back in Sept. Our 18 yr old granddaughter was established in ..wait for it…. my sewing room as it had the only bed available. Bed has 2 mattresses and I use it like a work counter. I was in hospital at the time.. so they all just moved things over and under and up on each other. They finally found a house in Nov. I am still digging out. Did quit digging for few weeks for holidays and to make one quilt and another top. I have 7 of those plastic drawer things with wheels on bottom. They were in 3 rooms. I moved the cedar chest out of guest bathroom and placed 6 of the drawers in a row in there. Now trying to gather notions, small fabric pieces, etc,. and get them organized into the drawers. There is space for my ironing board to stay up in sewing room and only one small drawer thingie next to my sewing machine/table. It feels like a different house and I am energized anew! That was really a think- out- of- the- box organizing project for me.

  11. I don’t think it’s so bad to have a messy studio/sewing room some of the time. When I am starting a new project, I find it necessary to have all the tools and materials I might need around me. It’s sort of organized chaos – stacked fabrics here, tools there, a container with possible threads in it, etc. Patterns or photos in a stack that go along with the project. Maybe some interfacing/webbing, too. But I do like to clean up after a project is done so t hat the next project is not mixed up with it. I do like to purge every few years, too. My creativity changes directions or I find I don’t like the project or whatever. And sometimes the cleaning urge just hits – here it has been really nice and the “Spring Cleaning” urge is starting. I think is is always good.
    Thanks for inspiring us and sharing all your energy and thoughts. These communities are so good for our work.

    • We seem to have similar modus operandi ! With our better weather, I am starting to set up for sewing in the garage that is not used as a garage. The door can be left open and the view of the lake is available. Cold or hot? sew in house… great weather? sew in garage ( my ” cottage” LOL) on drafting table…standing up.
      OK, going out to cottage now…Why am I a perfectionist about keeping it all in order out there and not inside the house?

  12. Well, I could find a flat spot on the cutting table yesterday. About the rest of the place, ……………….. let me know if you are coming over — oh, six months in advance at least.

  13. I get overwhelmed by a messy room. I always try to tidy up at the end of a session. That way I can start fresh each day.

    • Wow! Talk about discipline!! The reason is for exiting is not that something’s finished, but that life interrupts!! LOL But it IS time to tackle “Fall cleaning” (actually it’s more like once/season)! I was so embarrassed a couple of days ago when a friend went in my sewing room to retrieve my rolling chair for extra seating! It needs to look somewhat better when she comes next week! ;>)

  14. Cleaning-up leads to stacking fabrics for more projects. Not good when I already have too many in progress. Just keep sewing along and hope I don’t mix up projects..

  15. Cleaned it up Saturday but by Sunday nite, oh my!…hard to keep tidy while I am working on the Splendid Sampler that is all the rage …along with my other projects.

  16. I see that you have two sewing machines set up. Please tell me the advantages of having two machines at the ready. I have space (and a cabinet) for a second machine and I’m debating whether set up a serger or one of my other sewing machines. I don’t really use a serger much, but might use it more if it was always set up and ready. Anyone else have thoughts? Thanks!

    • I love having two machines. One is always set up for free motion quilting and the other for various stitching projects. If you have room I highly recommend it. (If I could I’d have my serger set up too!)

  17. I like your sewing machines very much. I would love to have a fancy machine.
    I sew on my mom’s old Singer 316G that she got for a present from my dad before I was born.
    Anyway, I love your sewing room. Red is a happy color, I love that flower very much

  18. I’m wondering if you can tell me the # Dixon Ticonderoga pencil you use for sketching. Lovely studio–your quilt is fab! Love your blog!

  19. I love the poppy. What kind of light do you have behind your sewing machine. I am getting the 770 QE by the summer and had hoped the light on the machine would be enough. Why do you like your chair so much? Thanks

  20. I just moved and trying to get my sewing section (I don’t have a room, must sew in living room/dining room) organized. I am an organizer and I need to get it very well organized so that people don’t see a big mess. I don’t put a lot away when I am not sewing. Love your blog and love your sewing room.

  21. I can only operate up to the point of organized disarray, after that I can’t work. That being said I am in transition of relocating my sewing ‘area’ and creating my supply and storage area. Because out daughter and her two young girls are moving in I am moving my sewing to our master bedroom. Plenty of room there and I am VERY picky about that space being clean. My supply and storage area is in the loft. I would love to sew up there because of the view but like having coffee and potty closer.
    Diane in Wyoming

  22. Lori what kind of light do you have behind your machine? It looks great and large enough to illuminate the area. Thanks JoAnne

  23. looking for a new sewing chair. Can you give more details about the chair you use please? Thanks. Your sewing room is very beautiful.

    • It’s a Horn brand chair from my BERNINA dealer. They have plain chairs as well. I recently bought a chair from my office supply store for about $75. And I love it too

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  25. Hi Janet, I love your sewing room. Your Bernina is so great! I wondered if the beautiful Red Poppy quilt is a pattern or did you design it? I would love to make it.

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