Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

Aloha, Quilters!

As you know, I took last week off — a vacation from my computer–but more than that–a long-planned family vacation to Hawaii.

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

The entire family came–even young, Henry. (who never really settled into those sunglasses!)

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

It was a magical week…

Maui is an amazing island…a color lover’s dream!

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

We went snorkeling…

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

and we saw whales and sea turtles everyday!

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

We hiked through a bamboo forest and marveled at seven waterfalls.

We warmed our toes on black sand beaches, and nearly froze as we watched sunrise on a crater…

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

We swam a lot, (ate a lot)…indulged in Pina Coladas and Mai Tais everyday…

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

And while I can’t say it was a restful week (we were up by 5 am most days…)

It was definitely restorative!

Hawaii, Lori Kennedy

More photos to come…I have enough Silent Sunday photos for the next three years!  (Though I didn’t manage to get a single photo of our entire group-ugh!)

Hope your day is filled with all the colors of Hawaii and all the spirit of Aloha!


PS…I even found a quilt shop!

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41 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Lovely, totally lovely….and so happy for you and family. Goodness….such a fabulous “eye” have you! ~ Aloha Colors to YOU, too! ***smiles***

  2. Lived on Ohau for 7 years. My husband was in the Army and we were stationed there ? We were able to visit Maui twice, the big Island twice and Kauai once. We miss it and will go back after we see a few other parts of the world ? Glad you had a great time ?

  3. I’m new at your blog .i loving all those tutorials on Fmq.I don’t know how to Fmq but i’m practicing .Your pics are beautiful and the little guy is adorable.I hope I can leran how to master the Fmq.You have a great wknd.Best regards.Dee Wilson.

  4. We will be going to Kauai in two weeks. Thanks for getting the excitement level up. Glad you had a wonderful time. Did you save any turtles or whales for us?

  5. Beautiful-looking forward to the photos. I am so happy for you and family to have shared the experience together!. Are you inspired to start a Hawaiian applique quilt?

  6. Aaah…the colors! Beautiful pictures! Will look forward to Silent Sunday for more of those beautiful pictures! I’m glad you had such a great trip. I have never been to Hawaii…but live vicariously through others who visit and/or have lived there ?

  7. Gorgeous photos, Lori. What a photographer’s dream! I’ve been a couple of times but want to go back. My favorite island is Lanai, it’s tiny…but all are so beautiful.

  8. Oh my favorite place on earth….have been 21 times from New York to the islands
    You represent the aloha spirit with your quilting inspirations..mahalo

  9. We have a couple of great shops here! Glad you found one of them and glad you enjoyed some of the special things about this place!!

  10. Glad you enjoyed your trip and your family. Brought back many memories of our trips to the islands.

    Thanks for sharing

    • So pleased you had such a restorative break. Looks wonderful. We don’t always manage to get photos of us all at family gatherings and have come to the conclusion it is better to live in the moment and feast on the memories. Every blessing.

  11. We love Maui and in fact leave for the Islands on March 2nd, first to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor Memorial then on to Maui for a week. You are so right about a color lovers paradise! I still get emails from one of the quilt shops there ?

  12. So happy you enjoyed Hawaii. Pics look great.
    I started a Hawaiian hand needle turned appliqued quilt years ago but never finished so I hopefully will be inspired.

    • Lois – don’t give up on that project! I made 12 Hawaiian sampler blocks – needle-turn applique – which I didn’t think I’d ever do, but I actually enjoyed it! (still just blocks, though – one of my many UFOs) A couple of tricks I learned: 1) instead of using the needle to turn the raw edges, use a round toothpick that you’ve dampened with a little “spit” – the wood grain swells just enough to grab the fabric; 2) use a neutral color silk thread (100 wt.) which is very fine and makes your stitches invisible! Good luck!
      Lil Koster
      Wilmington, DE

    • Lucky Lori! What a grand place to de-stress! Hawaii’s my favorite state – honeymooned on Maui and Kauai in 2000 and have been back 3 times since (twice to Maui and once to Kauai). Hoping someday to get to the Big Island to see the volcanoes and to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor and the North Shore. Glad to hear the Maui Quilt Shop is still there in Kihei – I loved that shop and have been to Sew Special, too, and Kapaia Stitchery ( on Kauai.

      To all who are planning to travel to Hawaii – wishing you safe travels and a wonderful visit! Wear a plumeria lei (so wonderfully fragrant!!) for me!

  13. I was there in January. It is definitely my happy place. Already planning our stay for next year! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looking forward to your quilting inspiration from the trip! Did you make it to the quilt store there?

  14. Aloha! I just arrived home from six nights in Maui last night! I missed the warm, soft air the second we left. Maui is a magical place.

  15. So glad you had a wonderful family vacation in Paradise. I will be going to the Big Island for the second time next Tuesday. I love all the islands. Guess my least fave is Oahu, but each has a special charm.

  16. Beautiful photos! Glad you got to make this trip with the whole family. A co-worker of mine was in Hawaii for the last 10 days also. Looking forward to more photos and I’m sure this trip inspired new ideas for you.

  17. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad you had such a nice time making memories w/ your family! I have fabric from Hawaii–that’s as close to Hawaii that I’ve been! To visit there is on my “bucket list!”

  18. Hi Lori, by the time I had finished reading your blog I figured out it must have been Maui. It is one of my most favourite places to visit. The best part is getting up so very early and walking on the beach around the hotels in Wailea. The Quilt shop in Keihi is a treasure. I always take pictures of sunsets and how have three small pieces with more to come I am sure.

  19. Maui is beautiful!! I’m spending 6 weeks visiting with my daughter on Oahu!! Love where the Army sends her 🙂 There is a lovely quilt shop in Kihei and when I was on Maui I did manage to fit a bit from that shop in my bags! I haven’t found a quilt shop on Oahu yet, but not having a car does impair my ability to scope out the quit shops!! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  20. Oh gracious… two of our quilters here returned from Hawaii 5 days ago !! In time to attend the Daytona Quilt Show. Looking forward to some Silent Sunday images here…Yes? Lori? So glad you had a great vacation !

  21. Those pictures will help keep your memories forever. We went to Kuai & Oahu and would love to go back. The bucket list has Alaska in September so I will be satisfied with that until 2017. Glad your family could join in the fun. You deserved a break. Thank You for all your inspiration. I’m sure you have so many more new ideas now.

  22. Hawaii is my favourite place on earth – shame it isn’t a little closer to Australia so we could go more often…looking forward to seeing more of your photos. I truly appreciate the great inspiration and instruction you provide each day – this is such a commitment of your time and energy and is something I very much look forward to.

  23. Hi Lori, Isn’t Hawaii just wonderful? One of our sons got married there and we stayed for about a week. It’s one vacation I really didn’t want to end. So glad you had a wonderful time!

  24. I hope you saw beautiful plumeria. I would go back just for the flowers. Seeing the sun rise at Haleakala was breathtaking but oh so cold! You deserve a great vacation for all the joy you bring quilters. I am glad you had a great trip.

  25. I was in Maui 20 years ago. We did not have the children with us as it was a sort of a company related trip. It was so very relaxing. Snorkeling was a challenge in the choppy waters.of Molokai. I could smell the scent of the Plumeria for months in my nose. Glad you got to have this adventure.

  26. HI Lori
    I love your blog and recommend it to everyone that I am teaching about Free motion quilting! My husband and I are going to Maui – next week – with our son and his wife and 2 children. Never been to Hawaii and it has been ages since we have had any vacation at all. So looking forward to it and seeing your photos made me even more excited! Thank you for sharing!!


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