Better Quilting Through Doodling

FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers and Zentanglers!

(BTW…If you are a quilt-doodler, you are a Zentangler.)

It’s time for another Thursday doodle lesson in our on-going series, Better Quilting Through Doodling.

As I always say:

“If you can doodle it, you can quilt it!”

And it’s corollary…

“If you can’t doodle it…you can’t quilt it–at least not well.”

FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori Kennedy

For a little fun today, try this exercise:

Start by drawing a rectangle (or square, or circle…)

Add a few straight lines…

FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori Kennedy

Then a few wavy lines to create several unusual shapes.  (Shapes you might run into when you are quilting!)

FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori Kennedy

Then go to the Quilt Tutorial Page and fill in the shapes with quilt motifs.FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori Kennedy

Pay careful attention to how the motifs “play together”.

Usually contrast works best.  For example, place bold geometrics next to curvy designs.FMQ, Doodles, Zentangles, Lori KennedyWhat a great sampler!

Perhaps a quilt design for YOUR next quilt?

I can’t wait to see what YOU create!

Happy Quoodling!


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15 thoughts on “Better Quilting Through Doodling

  1. Thank you for sharing your doodle tutorials. I am starting with the original tutorials and will work my way up to these.

  2. Never tried this on gridded paper before..something new for today! If I wind up cross-eyed, I’ll ask my Spouseman to take a photo…Nooo…. will not actually post it. LOL And by the way, love those quilted flowers in the background piece today.

  3. I am not a big doodler, although I did more when I was a kid. I’ve been saving any blank scraps of paper I come across, and now doodle on them before recycling them. Doodling helped a lot with my last quilting project. I’m giving this lesson a try! (and thank you – this is good stuff)

  4. Inspirational doodling and great encouragement to doodle to improve our free-motion quilting skills. Total #CreativeGoodness.

    BTW – I have a Charity Fundraiser in March that has a variety of options to enter, to win prizes, including doodling on paper, as well as free-motion quilting. I’ll send you details shortly as I’d love to have you join the fun. All designs are Mandala based, which I think also make for great fun for doodling and/or FMQ.


  5. You speak the truth I have been Quoodling for a couple years ago! My arthitis led me 4years ago to start figuring out how to quilt on my machine. The teacher I had said pratice on dry erase board. I would do that then when I would go to erase my husband said why erease all that art!! (in the eyes of the beholder) so hence switching to sketch pads….. now it is my down time to draw, zentangles books purchased 4 yrs ago for my grand-daughter led to Zens !! The rest is history. Thank you for all your inspiring too and hints. Enjoyed your class on craftsy!!
    Happy Stitchin’

  6. At the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show this past weekend, there was a Zentangle quilt. All the blocks were different Zentangle designs. In black and white. Very interesting.

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