Gone Fishing


Good Morning, Quilters!

While I’m not much of a fisherman, I think the appeal of fishing is not netting a fish as much as relaxing in the quiet-a chance to drain one’s brain of the fragments that swirl.

I’m taking a “computer vacation” this week…

I will be back next week with more quilting, photography and projects to share!

Until then, I know YOU have lots of things to keep YOU busy.

Or…perhaps you’d like to join me for a change of pace?


Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

–Henry David Thoreau

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22 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. Glad you’re not so *caught* up in the self imposed demands of life….that you wouldn’t *unhook* yourself for some much needed time away. ENJOY the *swim*! ***smiles***

  2. Not ice fishing? In Minnesota? ha ha ha Take all the brain break time you need. I bet we could live with an easier-on-Lori format if that’s what you need longer term.

  3. Enjoy your vacation…we’ll miss you but look forward to hearing from you again next week. You’ve earned this—it is well-deserved. Thanks for posting the Thoreau quote…it’s one of my favorites….and is most poignant I think. Blessings…..

  4. It is great that you know when you need a break and then you take it. Many of us think we have to keep going because our customers/fans need us more than we need that time away to refresh ourselves. Good for you for taking care of yourself and that will make all of us happier healthier people. Hugs to you.

  5. Taking break here too. 2 deaths in extended family and only car is in shop. However sewing will be my Balm in Gilead. Blessings to you, Lori. I had a day with 7 YO grandson last Friday…He ” flew” around the yard holding our patio umbrella in hand in 30 MPH wind. He helped me take Valentine cookies to disabled VET neighbor and volunteered some almost adult conversation with him…it was all such a blessing for me. Let us be thankful for time with loved ones.

  6. Thank You for all your inspiration. We will review past posts and keep going, looking forward to more of your talents.

  7. These fish would made a clever mobile for a baby or young child (or an old fart of a fisherman, like one of my brothers, lol). Could see them in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

  8. my husband has always been a mad fisherman, wishI could send you the photo he took of me being so seasick but still holding on to my big fish, hahaha

  9. You definitely deserve a break. Thank you for all you do to inspire, teach, encourage free-motion quilting and creativity in general. I love your gone fishing. I’ll confess, I’m a scuba diver and someone who enjoys fishing. I’m now wondering these your fish technique would work for table decorations, as well as wall-art. Either way, you’ve inspired me (once again) and I want to make these).

    Hope you have a good gone fishing break and find time to enjoy, relax, create, do what ever your heart tells you you need to do. I’ll continue to follow whenever you have the chance to share.


  10. Love the fish and Brenda’s idea of a mobile. and Marta, my 7 yr old grandson is fun to have around too. Happy “fishing”.

  11. enjoy, you certainly deserve the break… Thank you for all your inspiration and wonderful designs… We have so much fun here and the learning curve is not as sharp as it was last year when I started following you. You are my muse!!

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