Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Quilters!

Valentine’s Day fills me with happy memories of school days…

The decorated coffee can mailbox, the tiny cards to sign and address, perhaps a new pen?


Paper hearts, doilies, paper rings…the smell of kindergarten paste…


All gave way to fabric, threads, needles, notions…


If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to pull out fabric in red, pink, white and purple…


Add a dash of thread in white, red, variegated…

And stitch a few Nora’s Roses and Forget-me-Nots!

Stitching with Love,


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9 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. While watching the snow fall (Knoxville,TN) I enjoyed walking down your “memory lane” this morning Lori. I too remember those “school days” that were so special; we decorated a large box with white crepe paper, adding red hearts from construction paper. It was the most beautiful Valentine box to a child’s mind & all those little Valentine cards were more than special. This was a very special day in our school—I wonder if the children continue these crafts?

  2. This is beautiful, Lori. Did you use white all over for the Forget-Me-Nots? It appears as if some are in matching red thread. I love your monochromatic art quilts. Sometimes I have trouble, though, figuring out how to add the designs into a colorful block. Any suggestions?

    • I did use Forget me Nots as the fill. And I used a variety of threads including red and variegated threads to create more interest.

    • In a colorful block the quilting is more subtle. Heavier threads help make quilting more visible.

  3. I absolutely love when you show how you combine your designs! I’m trying to open my mind to new ways of quilting and this helps more than you could know.

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