Mixed Quilting: Machine and Hand


Good Morning, Quilters!

As much as I LOVE to machine quilt…I LOVE to hand sew!

Nothing is as soothing as any kind of hand sewing.  I know some of YOU agree!


I love to turn on a movie and stitch.

(At times, the ONLY thing that keeps me awake is the stitching!)


I love the “mixed quilting” look–machine and hand quilting in one quilt!


Have YOU ever added hand stitches to your machine quilting?

Any tips?  What worked, what didn’t?

If you haven’t already, pick up one of your practice pieces and see if you can turn it into a masterpiece with some simple embroidery stitches!

Can’t wait to see what YOU create!



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20 thoughts on “Mixed Quilting: Machine and Hand

  1. And I thought I was the only one. I take care of an energetic 4-year old all day and when I finally sit to watch the evening news, I tend to nod off. Haul out the hand-sewing and I’m awake again!

  2. I have never thought about doing this. I really like the idea because it adds so much personality. I can see doing it soon-maybe on a baby quilt I am about to do. I love to do hand work and do it frequently-mostly red work embroidery so why not use it to embellish a quilt. Thank you for the new idea!

  3. I love doing hand applique in front of TV– I never thought of mixing hand and machine quilting though– I will give it a try!

  4. Hi Lori, What type and size of needle do you use? I was sewing on a sleeve last night and my needles were difficult to go through the fabric. Love all those quilting designs!!

    • I used Foxglove Cottage Hand Embroidery size 11 needles. I think you can get them at Red Rock Threads. I like that they come in a little tube.

  5. I like the ideas you added to these lovely pieces you show here. I do a fair amount of hand stitching on quilts. I have been working on a series of pieces that are fabrics I’ve created from hand dyeing or painting – art quilts. I use a lot of seed stitch and running stitch. There are other very utilitarian stitches that work in this kind of project. French knots like you were using are great, too. I am learning how to put shisha mirrors on currently. Many years ago I started a crazy quilt piece that is hiding in a tub somewhere unfinished. But it was really fun to come up with stitch combinations for that and hopefully some day I will finish it. I love to see all the things that certain art quilters do with hand stitching. And some of the wool work pieces from quilters like Sue Spargo are just wonderful to see. I just look up artists/quilters when I see them in a magazine or in an article on-line.

  6. Stitching of any and every kind…even in my dreams 🙂 I made a wedding quilt with white-on-white silk and satin crazy quilting and put all kinds of stitching on it. Was exciting to work on.

    • I’d love to see a picture of that!!! I bought silks in Hong Kong about 25 years ago, and they are still sitting in a box. I’m almost afraid to cut them, and I can’t find a pattern worthy of them! Have you used a silk batting before? Just wondering.

  7. There must be 3 bolts of red fabric hiding in your stash!! Love it so much. This piece is exquisite. I don’t do as much hand work anymore due to arthritis, but love to use blanket stitch, French knots, and backstitch for outlining.

  8. Correction : Today’s fabric looks fuschia on my monitor. Very Valentiney ! Your stitches always show up clearly on my monitor.

  9. I have never considered adding the hand embroidered stitches but I love the effect!
    You are, once again, opening the gates to more creative options!

  10. I have done some hand quilting along with machine quilting on several quilts. I wanted to do hand quilting after watching Alex Anderson, but I have had a hard time finding a thimble that feels comfortable. Every time I add a little hand quilting, I remember how much I like it. It feels more natural to me than machine quilting. I’d rather baste than machine quilt!

  11. I read your post every day and am quite envious of all you create!
    So today I reread your post “Building a Rock Solid Routine for Free Motion Quilting” – and came to your tip – make 10 quilt sandwiches – that’s what I need to do to be ready to learn FMQ every day!

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