The Iris-A Machine Quilting Tutorial


Good Morning, Quilters!

First–a quick apology about broken links….I’ve been trying to pre-schedule a few posts…and mistakenly I have hit the “publish” button which publishes a post immediately…oops!  Sorry for the inconvenience!

I know it’s February, but it seems we should have a #FlowersinWinter campaign!  Something to add a bit of color the never-ending days of white snow!

So let’s create a row of Irises to brighten our days!


Begin by drawing a rectangle…any size that fits YOUR quilt.  In the sample below, the rectangle is 3 x 3-1/2 inches.

Begin stitching in the middle of the bottom line.  Stitch a straight line and add a small oval.


Next, add a rounded petal on the right….

Version 3

Stitch under the center and add a rounded petal on the left.


Next, add two rounded petals below the first set.  Stitch the right one first, then the left petal–almost like a figure “8”.


Add two bottom petals, then retrace the stem line.

To create the leaf, stitch a straight line at an angle and add a small circle…

Version 4

Add a curved line to the create the outside of the leaf,

Stitch under the flower to create the left leaf.

How elegant!


Now plant a border of Irises by stitching under the motif to begin the next one in the row–or add a few swishes and plant this right in the middle of your square blocks!


As always, Doodle First!


This would be gorgeous on any quilt, Modern or Traditional…

But don’t limit yourself to a quilt–why not add an Iris to a cloth napkin, or a table runner, or the border of a skirt…

YOU get the idea–once you “own” a motif…it’s YOURS!

May you always enjoy #FlowersInWinter!

The Happy Quilted Gardener,


PS…This tutorial was stitched on my Happy BERNINA 770QE-a domestic sewing machine (without a stitch regulator) on Kona cotton using Sulky 40 wt Rayon thread on top and Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin–the combination lock stitches beautifully!  I use cotton batting for all the tutorials and wool batting for my blanket style quilts!

PPS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!




33 thoughts on “The Iris-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. Iris are one of my favorite flowers. I will definitely be using this one. Thanks so much for all your creativity and generosity in freely sharing your ideas.

  2. The Iris is ONLY my most favorite flower! I remember when I was around 5-6 years old, my mother moved myself & two sisters in with my grandmother on her small farm. She had all types of Iris planted everywhere on her property. She is also my inspiration for becoming a quilter. She had one of the old quilting frames, hanging & raised, over her kitchen table. Plus, she made my sisters’ & myself our very own kid’s quilt which I still have at age 58. It’s not in it’s best condition after so many years, but it still means the world to me. Thank you so much for all the information and inspiration you provide us quilters! Love the Doodles too!

  3. I love doodling with you, but somehow I am no longer getting the posts. I’ve tried to sign up three times and it hasn’t happened yet. Several people who signed up after I told them about you have been lost too. What’s happening.

  4. What a lovely, lovely Motif! And….thank you for always including the sewing machine type, top thread, bobbin, supplies, etc. used for each tutorial post ~ most helpful info, Lori. Wishing you a GRAND Happy Quilted Gardner kinda day! ***smiles***

  5. I have been silently following you for a while now. GREAT work, I really enjoy seeing what you come up with in each post. It seemed so right that a Gardener would plant irises so I just had to comment. Thanks again – your art is much appreciated.

  6. I read your blog on an IPAD. The stitching is very hard to see lately. I think there is not enough contrast or your thread is sinking in too much. Could you look into this? It used to be great.

  7. I have a wonderful memory of visiting a friend of a friend’s property on the south coast of New South Wales. As we drove in from the road the first view was of their dam completely ringed by yellow irises.

  8. Lori, I look at your designs and say, “Oh, yes of course,” and then I can quilt them. Thanks so much!

  9. A thrill to see these Irises. For several years, I have been trying to grow a 100 ft border of them from a few I transplanted from my mom’s property. It is by our driveway. The whole row is not filled in yet, even with dividing every year. Well. I can have finished rows on quilts now…now !!! I can see them everywhere in pink, purple, yellow, white..did I mention purple? Quilting a border design, motif in a block, edging on linen towels, and on the quilt our group will be sewing for an exchange in May. You strike gold everytime, Lori ! Thank you.

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