Envelope Doodles

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters, Doodlers, and Letter-Writers (snail mail, that is!)

When is the last time YOU received a hand-written letter?

Perhaps a better question to ask…When is the last time YOU wrote a hand written letter?

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

The art of letter writing is on the decline (along with cursive…)

It’s too bad because it is such a gracious gift to give and to receive.

(BTW-I have a relative whose 365 challenge for 2016 is to write a letter every day!)

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

Perhaps we would be more interested in writing letters if we remembered it can be a creative endeavor.

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

So pull out your envelopes and a red pen or marker.

Doodle Nora’s Rose (above)  or Faye’s Flower (below)  or any of YOUR doodles.

Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy…and send your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, cousin, friend….a hand written letter in a decorated envelope.

Who do YOU know that needs a little pick-me-up?

Send them the gracious gift of your time.

For advice on letter writing, you might like:  How to Write Letters:  A Vintage Guide to the Lost Art of Epistolatory Etiquette from 1876  ( I especially like #4-Blots and Interlineations.)Doodle Envelopes, Zentangle, Lori Kennedy

May ALL your endeavors reflect YOUR creativity!


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15 thoughts on “Envelope Doodles

  1. Lori, these are so cute. Anyone would love to get a decorated envelope with a sweet message inside. Now is a great time to make some cards and envelopes

  2. Especially wirh all the coloring book pencils out now a days, these envelopes could be very colorful! I will have to be more deliberate in the future as I am always procastinating and then rushing to get the card in the mail at the last minute.

  3. These are pulling my heart strings! so lovely, Lady Lori ! I must get some new red pens.Preparing Valentines for my classmates when I was in elementary school was one of my favorite things to do all school year, We all exchanged them at a “cookie party” after lunch. Wow, that was in 1948-52! I will make some now for our grands!
    And include some cursive ! (Or as our first born used to say “curvis”. She became a teacher! 🙂

  4. Another idea is to make a small coaster with the same quilted motif and put it in the envelope that was doodled on. I think I might do this for my mom for V-day.

  5. My spiritual director has given me the task of writing letters in longhand to people! So for the past year I’ve been sending several a month — how did people in the Jane Austen era have so much time to write long, newsy letters? Oh, yes . . . they had servants, at least the ones who could write did. My good quilting friend Judy sends computer-generated letters about upcoming retreats, but she beautifully decorates every envelope, and they’re worth saving!

  6. I am a letter writer! I like writing letters and I like getting them. This is a great idea with the envelopes. I have a 13 year old niece who is loving writing (at least this year) and she sent us a wonderful thank you letter after Christmas. She will be the first recipient. Thanks for your creative endeavors.

  7. These are great, Lori! I am an avid letter writer, and have always sent thank yous, get wells, and holiday cards via snail mail, but how cool to make your own! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  8. LOVE…your train of thought, Lori! Timing is perfect….just got together with a girlfriend to brainstorm various ideas for “card making”. This is simple, easy…plus a great way to train the mind better for FMQ’ing. THANKS! ***smiles***

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