FMQ Quick Project: The Computer Sleeve

Machine Quilting, Computer Case, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Looking for a great way to use your Free Motion Quilting practice pieces?

Use one to make a sleeve for your computer!

Machine Quilting, Computer Case, Lori Kennedy

Steps for Quilted Computer Sleeve

  1. Measure all the way around the width of your computer and add two inches.
  2. Measure the length of your computer and add 1-1/2 inches.
  3. Cut your practice piece this size, adjusting to find the best parts of the quilting.
  4. Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance to stitch a back seam (right sides together).
  5. You now have a tube.  Rotate the stitched seam so it will be in the center back of the Sleeve.  Then stitch the bottom seam.
  6. Bind the top like a quilt.
  7. Perfect!

Machine Quilting, Computer Case, Lori Kennedy

This very trim case is the perfect way to cover your computer when you are throwing it in your purse or bag!

Machine Quilting, Computer Case, Lori Kennedy

Stitching time:  less than one hour!

Happy Jaunting!


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22 thoughts on “FMQ Quick Project: The Computer Sleeve

    • The new name is in the “incubation phase”–like when you hang a quilt on the design wall for days…weeks…months…deciding how to proceed. Nothing will happen quickly on this!

      • Hi Lori, whatever you choose for the new name should somehow reflect the current name and yours for people just surfing to find you who might not know the new name. I would want to know how to find you if I wasn’t aware of the name change.

      • I agree! There are ways to make sure current readers can find the new site. This won’t happen quickly! I haven’t decided on a new name yet!

  1. I know practice is key to improving skills but I struggle with feeling like I am wasting perfectly good fabric. The artist in me has adopted a new mantra, “Experimentation is not Waste!” Thank you for sharing this project for my miserly side 😉

  2. Happy Jaunting at….The Quilting Jaunt! My, my but don’t we like guessing games!?!?! Super~duper idea, Lori….plus it’s so stylish, too. ***smiles***

  3. Perfect timing for a great idea! Just yesterday I was wondering what to do with all those practice pieces! Didn’t want to throw them away, so I put them in a box. Today,
    I will use one. Thanks, Lori!

  4. Why do “they” want you to have a new name? How did The Inbox Jaunt come in being anyway in the first place? Is there a secret story there? OH, and our computer has too many cables, etc., attached to ever put it in a case. So I am thinking dust cover for my older second sewing machine. The scarf from the 1950’s can go into retirement.

  5. I’m like Marta in s. GA wondering how your blog name happened. I found it a couple of years ago when I was searching for a 3-leaf clover to stitch. You had posted one and I’ve read EV-ER-Y post since … even if I miss a couple of weeks, I have to go back and check out all of them. Looking forward to a book of all your most popular motifs … hoping it is spiral bound so I can lay it flat by the machine … my confined sewing space makes having a computer near the machine very unlikely.

    • Oh, and a comment on the cute sleeve idea … I will be inclined to apply the binding to one edge prior to sewing the back center seam in order for the quilt sandwich to lay flat on bed of the machine (rather than scrunching it up to go around the tube or having to remove the bed of the machine to expose the open arm on machines so equipped). Then tuck and tack the ends of the seam allowance under so they don’t show so much on the right side. I might also allow enough extra length to apply some kind of fastener (snap, hook & loop, button/buttonhole) to secure the computer inside. Me and Murphy’s Law — I would pick it up from the closed end and dump the computer on the floor (worse yet, the pavement) every time! Just sayin’.

  6. Lori, I will be making a quilt for my nephew, just retired from air force. I plan to have it ready for his favorite holiday, Fourth of July. I see some stars on the sleeve above. They look to have little sort of circles inside the star. I would love to make a trail of them in the quilt border. Looked thru the tutorials…didn’t see one. Is there one I missed by chance? Thank you very much,

    • Marta that motif is called Starry night. Put that in search bar. If that doesn’t work I’ll add the link here when I’m back at my computer.

      • Found the Starry Night right away!… Thanks !! I will doodle a trail of them for practice first.. : )

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