12 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. I am sad that Mary had health problems…I have been blessed with treatment for diabetes that has kept levels normal for 16 years. I have been blessed with cataract surgery and thus I can see to continue sewing and using my camera. Mary lived 12 more years after blindness overtook her ability to see. I wonder what else she could have produced if she had the blessings of treatment I have had. This is not about sympathy for me but a lesson for us all who have had health limitations. Let us not squander the creative time added to our lives by modern cures. Let us not take for granted the health we have. And let us pass on to the next generation our knowledge and experience quilting and sewing. Ok, soapbox done! 🙂

    • This is truly a beautiful outlook for dealing with our hic-ups in our health. That is truly not said to diminish anyone’s physical limitations. But, learning to live a quality life in the midst of these “hic-ups” is truly a blessing and a well-lived life!

      • Love the word hiccups used to describe health issues ! Thank you. I hope it is Ok if I adopt that term now. That puts them in a great perspective! Quilting on!!!

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