Valentine Doodles


Doodle, Valentines, ZentangleGood Morning, Quilters!

Thank you so much for all your ideas, suggestions and honest assessments yesterday–I promise the Tuesday Tutorial format will never change!  More tomorrow on Open Line Friday…

Today is Thursday–so let’s DOODLE!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all LOVE Valentine’s Day!

Doodle, Valentines, ZentangleThis week, let’s use the Tuesday Tutorials motifs to make cards.

You can find the brown craft paper notecards at any arts and crafts store.  Pick up a couple of white gel pens, too.  (I like the Sakura Gelly Roll Pens).

Doodle, Valentines, Zentangle

Use any of the Tuesday Tutorials like:

The Extra-Sweetheart Border

Spiral Hearts

The Jigsaw Puzzle

The Doodle Heart

Doodle, Valentines, Zentangle

Look through your doodle notebooks and old lessons to add YOUR personal touch.

Doodle, Valentines, Zentangle

I know YOUR Valentine will LOVE your handmade card!

Happy Doodling!


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10 thoughts on “Valentine Doodles

  1. Regarding videos, from yesterday’s post, I usually find the music played along with the instruction is so distracting that I have to mute the sound. I would miss whatever you say if there is music playing. Videos are not as helpful to me as picture tutorials. Please keep your posts quiet so I can continue to enjoy them. Thank you.

  2. Every single thing about FMQ I learned from you, not just great tutorials, the needles, threads the encouragement and someone else said it too… The divide and conquer… That one was huge for me as I make bed size quilts! It has helped me to really relax and enjoy this part is quilt making (not to mention all the fabric money you save me quilting my own quilts ) yay! You are the Quilting Therapist now. Glad you had a blast at Craftsy! XXX
    Cute cards… I’ll be making some of these!

  3. Great idea for the cards. Quilting on them with thread is another idea. You know, you can quilt on practically anything… 🙂 I have a good friend whose birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I always have fun making her something for her special day.

  4. This is a very good idea. White Gel Pens. I used to LOVE gel pens
    I have piles of paper, so let’s get started

  5. I love your blog, thank you. I have used your designs to finish two queen sized quilts. I bought your Craftsy class more because I love your work than feeling that I needed it. I really enjoyed it and will continue to use it as a reference. In the interest of fairness I enjoy many of the FMQ instructors at Craftsy. Leah Day actually inspired me say okay, just start. I look forward to Tuesdays every week because I know you will have something new for us.

  6. Just sayin’. I like that your tutorials are a series of pictures instead of videos. That is what has attracted me to your blog and led me to encourage new quilters to follow. For some of us, pictures are better than videos. Again, just sayin’.

  7. You know you can see on paper (though it’s tough on your needle.) I think I will try folding a piece into fourths and quilting my Valentine’s.

  8. The beauty of the pictures is I really do take them step by step. It gives the tasks a very approachable quality that works well in getting across the basic pedagogical concepts. I think with videos, we can end up rushing into things, or missing something we did not realize we missed? And we don’t understand is as clearly in a step by step way. I like videos too, but your tutorials do have excellent teaching qualities. Don’t underestimate them!

  9. I really prefer the written with pictures tutorials. With videos I have to keep stopping and rewinding then replaying to catch something. With the words and pictures, it is easier and quicker to scroll up or down on the screen. Please don’t go to videos unless you also have the written tutorials.

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