Craftsy Instructor Summit-Take Two!

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters! (Sorry about the broken link yesterday!)

I’m just back from a whirlwind trip to Denver for The (first ever) Craftsy Instructor Summit.

What an amazing weekend!

More than 200 Craftsy instructors (35 quilt instructors) attended a three-day conference on Branding, Social Media and Marketing.

Craftsy scheduled fabulous speakers to hold our hands through the tornado of Social Media!  YIKES!

My head is still spinning from all the information…

Craftsy, Lori KennedyOf course, it wasn’t all work!

There was ample time to play–and meet the other teachers!

I can’t wait to introduce YOU to all of them!  Coming soon!!!

Do YOU recognize any of the people in the photo below?

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

Donna Thomas, Lori Kennedy, Mimi Dietrich, Alex Veronelli, Amy Johnson, Kelly Ashton, Barb Eikmeier

I took my first-ever selfie!  (I swore I never would…!)

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

with Donna Thomas, Mimi Dietrich

Amy Johnson and I compared notes about free motion quilting:

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

with Amy Johnson

One of the highlights: 

I met Laura Nownes–the author of the first quilt book I ever bought:  Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking.

When I introduced myself, she responded:  “I know who you are-I read your blog everyday!”  (no words!)

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

with Laura Nownes, Jessica Hutton


No, no, no!  I’ll still be here–allow me to explain…

During the session on blogging, the presenter used five blogs to demonstrate blog features (good and bad).

The Inbox Jaunt was used as one of the examples of both good and bad…

The good:

  • Very engaged readership (we knew that already!)
  • Daily posting
  • Good content

The not-so-good:

  • The name, The Inbox Jaunt--A good title should reference the subject matter and author…The Inbox Jaunt is confusing–it could be about anything and written by anybody!  (BTW-my daughter told me that a long time ago…ahem…)  Any suggestions for a new name?  I won’t tell you what the expert suggested just yet.
  • Need videos –Many of YOU have told me that…I guess I will have to learn a new technology.  The good news is, Craftsy provided a host of ideas on how to create videos!

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

The conference has given me so so many new ideas to improve YOUR experience here at The Inbox Jaunt.

I can’t wait to share!

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy

Here’s to an whirlwind 2016!


The Old Dog with New Tricks,


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