Minnesota Style Creativity

Frozen Jeans

Image Credit: Tom Grotting

You know the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade….”  This beats all!

Check out what Minnesotans are doing this winter!

Bored Panda

Chalk it up to Creativity mixed with a sense of humor!

Hope your day is filled with both,


PS…If you want to give it a try, just run the jeans through the wash machine and spin cycle…remove and shape outdoors–it takes just minutes (I’m told).

15 thoughts on “Minnesota Style Creativity

  1. Да, до такого даже мы не додумались! У нас в разных городах зимой устраивают конкурсы рукотворных фигур из льда. Очень красиво!
    Ваши друзья видно веселились на славу!

    • Do you have any pictures of your ice sculptures? or any links to photos that you could share?
      By the way, what town are you from? I’m VERY glad that you take the time to write. I always get the translation!

  2. When we had 23′ overnight, I hung out a card table size cloth dripping wet. I thought it would freeze in shape…nada… Must be a mystery trick to it ! The frost and ice on bushes and ground the next morning were lovely tho. Love the jeans idea. And it is a treat to see what other regions do. Thanks.. BTW, celebrating 2 years this week of Jaunting with Lori and Friends. Appreciate that too !

  3. The trick to this is that the temperature must be way below 32 degrees. Closer to zero works best. That way you get a good hard freeze on them.

    • Exactly. One thing I’ve learned living in Minnesota–the natives never complain about the weather or re-schedule plans for weather…they just layer up and carry on!

  4. oooh….this ALMOST makes me miss Minnesota. I always say the colder but drier air in Minnesota was better than the damp cold of Michigan.

  5. omg, this is so funny, reminds me of when I lived in Europe, the landlord used the attic to dry sheets and they were solid. We had to sleep underneath, hahaha! Needless to say we were frozen as well as the sheets!

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