2 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. I was introduced to the art work of Duncan Grant while living in Brussels. The children & I were invited to an afternoon with David Grant at The Rijks Museum, Amsterdam. After viewing the collection with explanations for each piece there were open questions along with tea.
    The discussion was varied; The Bloomsbury Period was discussed in depth as it was considered a haven for the homosexual artiste to gather without fear of reprisal & gave the artiste time to live a normal life for a period of time. That Grant was devoted to his heterosexual love was an example of his deep devotion to the human spirit & the kindnesses given him. But on the other hand, the discussion turned to his selfishness
    & egotism as he wandered the country often finding a new love & discarding the one accompanying him.
    In my mind he was a Man Who Marched to his Own Drum.

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