That Kind of Day…

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Good Morning, Quilters!

The weather is warmer–(thanks to all your Warm Wishes–thank you!)…

Unfortunately, the warm weather brought gloomy skies…(Does it seem I’m always complaining about the weather???)

I’m not feeling very creative, so I think I’ll spend my time cutting out the “good ones” from my practice pieces–I need some coasters…

This is one of my practices from  Faye’s Flowers tutorial HERE

What do YOU do on low energy days?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Lazy Lori

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30 thoughts on “That Kind of Day…

  1. Good morning Lori,

    On low energy days I energize myself by going online and looking at blogs, Pinerest, art and nature photos and such. I “lay low” in that way until I feel a surge or a spark. I don’t copy someone else’s art but get powered by it. I try to interpret things I see in my own way. My own style has evolved over a lifetime of art and sewing. I call my style “serendipitous sewing”; a way of going with the flow. One of my favorite things is looking at the way people in other countries interpret art and sewing. It’s kind of like fishing. I keep casting out my line and reeling it in to see what is on the “hook”. I make notes, write down URL’s and put them on a notepad for future use. By doing this I have fewer “down” days!

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  2. I like to think low energy days are the price of high energy days, without low energy days we couldn’t feel or benefit from high energy days or make the most from them. In acknowledging low energy days, perhaps just being, or attacking some other more routine task (closet clearance) I still make low energy give out light!

    Some years I wish I’d have more of them!

  3. Hi Lori.
    We have been experiencing the same weather up here in Thunder Bay. Gloomy here today as well. I actually enjoy it when my days off happen to be gloomy or as I like to say…..cosy. I drink tea, do some light organizing/cleaning and practice machine quilting. I am very new to it. I just bought your divide and conquer Craftsy class. You make it look so easy to do! I used to hand piece and hand quilt but my hands don’t work as well. I can’t imagine that I will ever become as skilled as you are but I am having fun trying. I am going to keep all of my samples just so I can see how far I have come along. Thanks for your blog and classes. They are great! Enjoy your cosy day!

  4. Michigan winter skies are very gloomy. Good days to do some putting in order. Mostly brainless on a day when the brain won’t wake up! I sure wish things would stay “straightened up”.

  5. Low energy days I just let nature takes it course. Maybe it is a time for my creative part to take a rest. It always comes back. Lori – one question. I noted you have the Bernina I have – an 820. I also note you do not use the BSR. Why? Just curious. Thanks to you for this blog. I just love it. I like the way you break the quilting down into pieces and am awaiting your book! I live in New Bern NC and today is sunny, blue skies but fairly cool (probably warm to you) with a high today of 42 degrees.

  6. А у нас так долго в этом году не было снега и морозов, что даже не хочется лениться, так и тянет к окну налюбоваться заснеженным городом. Зима так красива!
    А в плохое настроение я слушаю аудио книги и окунаюсь в какую-нибудь работу. Книга отвлекает от дурных мыслей и дело делается.

  7. Clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen, find all the missing socks and find their mates, make sure all the staplers in the house are filled – totally useless tasks – but ones that never seem to get done any other way. Then of course a cup of tea, an old movie on the TV, and soup and grilled cheese for dinner!

    • Amen…..My mom and her sisters called that “piddling”. The next generation does it too.. (Me!) I sharpen pencils and put them in every room. When our 3 kids were growing up, there were never enough pencils or rubber bands or staples. Like Scarlett, I declared one day, I will never be without them again !! Our grands love knowing where paper and pencils are at my house. My next piddler is to set up folders for doodles that belong to their quilty project when it is finished.I can’t seem to leave them in a notebook or binder with other doodles. I also make piles of hand work next to my chair for completing while watching the old movies.
      Husband got me variety stock of teas during holidays.. Yes!

  8. Dear Lori, I think that you are misleading us when you sign off as “Lazy Lori.” Even on your slowest days you seem to do more than I do on my best! But on those really slow days for me, I spend my time doing vicarious quilting, perusing the shops online and building up order forms that total hundreds of dollars and more. I hit almost $2000 on one today! Too bad I couldn’t order it, but reality comes in to provide a check on my behavior!

    • Hahaha! I do that too- fill my art with thousands. One time my husband opened onto it in the computer! Imagine his astonishment! Lol

  9. Six weeks ago I had total knee replacement surgery. Reading your blog and watching your Craftsy class has been wonderful!! I have been doing a bit of applique work as well. But I recently have been able to sit at the machine and see a block using the auto start/stop feature. I keep my knee elevated and iced. Where there’s a will…

    I live in California near Lake Tahoe. Gray or blue skies, it’s always gorgeous and majestic outside!

    • Great use of the stop start button! Speedy Recovery! How much flex ion do you have? (I’m a PT!)

  10. Your coaster is beautiful!! I also make coasters or mug rugs out of my practice pieces, but usually bind them in some way. How do you make yours and keep the edges from raveling?

  11. When I don’t feel motivated to sew or do creative things in my sewing room, I clean house or start straightening up my sewing room debris. At least that gives me some sense of accomplishment!

  12. 38 degrees Celsius (100F) in Sydney, Australia yesterday so I played with my iPad and watched the Australian Open Tennis on tv. Did a little bit of English paper piecing when it cooled down after a late afternoon storm.

  13. 38 degrees C (100F) in Sydney, Australia on Thursday. I sat watching the Australian Open Tennis on tv and played with my iPad. After a late storm when it had cooled a little I did some English paper piecing. A very low energy day.

  14. Low energy days usually mean surfing the web, organizing fabric for an anticipated project or putting it away. Today we have sunny skies but no higher than 48 F outdoors. Preparing to be iced in for a couple days. Spray basted two quilts so I can FMQ if the power doesn’t go out here in southern North Carolina.

    • OK. where have I been for past 4 years? LOL… What is spray basted, please m’am?
      Ready to learn something new as the 30′ wind chill rolls in this sunset.

  15. I loved reading everyone’s comments today. I am Lori”s sister so I refer to these days as “lazy” also. But the word brings some guilt with it b/c I “should” be in my studio quilting or working on one of the many UFOs. Thanks for freeing me to use another word for these days, “laying low” and “low creative energy”. And to have a sense of accomplishment getting those other tasks like cleaning closest and looking at websites, enjoying a good book with a cup of tea.
    I enjoy everyone’s different views very much.
    Thank you!

  16. My only comment is that I know longer get your emails. I’ve told so many about you, and now I don’t get them. I’ve signed up a couple of times with no luck. Please. I miss you!

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