Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Mittens, Snowmen, FMQ, KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

I’d like to complain about the weather…

But, a quilt paints a thousand words…

Mittens, Snowmen, FMQ, Kennedy

I feel like a Snowman (Snowman Tutorial HERE)Mittens, Snowmen, FMQ, Kennedy

So layer on the Mittens (Mitten Tutorial HERE)

Add a few Snowflakes HERE

A Polar Wind HERE

Mittens, Snowmen, FMQ, Kennedy

And you’ll know just how I feel!

Please send WARM WISHES!


Mittens, Snowmen, FMQ, Kennedy

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24 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

  1. Hello Lori, I do love your tutorials, but have never commented before. We in Durban, South Africa are having a heat-wave and drought.40 in the shade, so I thought I would send you some VERY warm wishes. Bev Essers

  2. Awesome. Love your FMQ. only been doodling so far. Today I take the plunge and FM something other than meandering. I have on a few quilts but thought I was ruining the quilt. Now I looked back and realize my instinct was correct. Now I just have to master it to get the flow going. Thank you for all the great tutorials. I have your Craftsy class and have watched it several times. Time to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!

  3. I am sitting in my sewing/craft room in front of my portable heater. Sending you warm wishes from west Michigan

    • Hi Lori, Sending very warm wishes from an equally snowy Scotland, uk. Love the quilting designs. You need some fingerless mittens for when you sew in the cold or “hummel Doddies” as they are called in this part of Scotland ?? Anna

      • Thanks for writing! I have a pair for outdoor photography–I’ll have to pull them out for quilting. I have never heard the term “hummel Doddies”–love it–so much better than “fingerless mittens!”

  4. Lori, wish I could send you warm wishes from Georgia, but we are freezing here too. The sleet has just started so looks like we are in for a day of sleet/freezing rain/snow today. Good day to stay in and quilt in my book!

  5. Warm wishes to you from TX. We’re having spring type weather this week, but they promise winter will return!

  6. Here in North Carolina it is cold here too. But not like Minnesota. We do not have the white stuff that sticks around. Love your tuts. Just got a new FM foot for my 1+ Viking. They don’t sell them anymore but found one on line. Going to work with it today. Hopefully it will let me see what I am doing for a change which should improve my FMQ. At least I’m hoping that solves my problem

  7. Oh, Lori….love this little quilt! Love your entire site….you have no idea how much YOU have helped me improve my fmq over the last 2 years. Thank you. I mean it. I am curious, though, if in a future post you could take one of your little quilts (hopefully the one posted today…hint hint) and tell us the order you quilted the motifs. Have a great day—we’re waiting for 12 to 25 inches of snow the next few days….and I’m off to babysit the grandchildren—without internet. Oh no! Luckily, I’m taking some projects to work on. Stay warm. Blessings….

  8. Oh come on now – it is 17 degrees. a heat wave after the past 2 weeks. kept housebound when the temps were -20 with wind chill here in MN. Going out today because I have been housebound by choice. Have to get to Joanne’s and get my fix- only thing that would get me out.

    Going to watch divide and conquer from Craftsy today.

    Do you have anything on how to cope with large quilts with a home machine?

    By the way – you are cuter in person.

  9. A little snow and very cold in Chicago. I love the snow – more the better – but my coworkers always remind me that I don’t have to drive far in it – which is true and does make a huge difference but like Bette Davis said, “Old age (or snow) is no place for sissies!” 🙂
    How great to stay inside today to enjoy the weather and to have a reason for creating at your sewing machine, God bless!

  10. This is just what it looks like out my window…ROTF…….. I just had Foot Surg. and I’m NOT to be on my Foot for 3 months. OUCH!! I’m waiting for a friend to come by and set up my machine in my Family Rm…….It has to quit snowing first????? Your e-mails make my day..:) 🙂 God Bless you,girl…..

  11. Warm wishes from Melbourne Australia, where it has been vacillating between 20s to high30’s (hit 40+ last week). As locals often say…if you don’t like the weather just wait…it will change!

  12. Attended our weekly sewing group today….first time in few weeks due to cold weather and holidays. We have had temps in 20’s and that is coooold for us here in South GA.
    Broken sewing machine stopped my Christmas sewing. I am continuing to cut out new projects to be ready when machine is back. How is that for new year? Starting off with UFO’s! LOL Ordered a foot to use for FMQ on very old machine. Hope it works. Your new red quilty is so enticing.

  13. Hi Lori, today in El Paso it was 68*, so nice and sunny. Here’s hoping for warm weather for you.

  14. Hi Lori, thanks for the great tutorials. Yours is my go to web site for ideas when I am quilting. Though not very pleasant at the moment, just getting over deverstating bushfires south of Perth Western Australia. Thought I would whip up a couple of lap quilts for the victims of these fires & use some of your quilting designs. Again thanks for all the hard work you put into these designs.

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