Doodle-Pens, Paper

Doodles, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilt-Doodlers!

How’s YOUR doodling going?

Did you try the Echo Doodling from last week?

Are most of YOUR doodles structured or randomRead more HERE

Doodles, Lori KennedyTry two things this week:

  • A darker pen or marker
  • New paper

Doodles, Lori KennedyAn old novel without a cover makes a great doodle pad.  The print really adds great texture!

Doodles, Lori KennedyBe playful this week…

Happy Doodling!


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9 thoughts on “Doodle-Pens, Paper

  1. Buying a doodle notebook today! Can you tell me when you book will be out again??? Love your blog and used your spider quilting on a Harry Potter quilt I made for my granddaughter for Christmas. Would attach the pics if I can figure where to do that. Read about the book Savvy Quilter book and bit the bullet and purchased online. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful idea of recycling an old novel as a doodle pad. I also discovered that my doodles “flow” better when I switched from a pencil to a sharpie marker. Who knew it would make such a difference.

    • The ease of pen movement really helps. I can’t doodle with a scratchy pen! I love your novel idea, Lori…pun intended!

  3. Ahhhh doodling. I love doodling. I do not have much time for it, but I will start.
    “my life has so changed” my mom says. Mine has too, and I try very hard to not feel like I work at the fire department.
    I do have a cool notebook and I have the pens.
    Your doodles look happy and fun

  4. I’m trying to incorporate initials in my doodling. I posted a photo on Lori’s FLICKR link on the right:
    that is an attempt to copy a letter from a great little book called The Bible of Illuminated Letters. Once I get the concept of those curly vines, I’ll fill in the entire background.
    Or perhaps something more contemporary like this gal’s:

  5. I have not been doodling as suggested but I am going to try to doodle “discretely” in meetings- I thought you posted that there is evidence that doodling can actually improve one’s attention – did I get that right? Need a good marker- not too fine or too wide. Then I can use your posting each week to practice and have my own copy!
    Love a plan.

  6. So many choices, so little time. This week I am trying out the decorative stitches on the new Bernina I bought 14 months ago. Kind of boring, but I will be glad to have the samples. I have a “fish” quilt that is pieced and waiting for oodles of doodles!

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