Ribbons and Notions

Sewing Notions, FMQ, Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I hope you had a chance to try yesterday’s tutorial, Ribbon Candy.  To quote reader,  Andrea “It looks way more complicated than it really is!”

Give it a try–Doodle or Quilt.  We have another motif coming soon that builds on Ribbon Candy…

Sewing Notions, FMQ, Kennedy


Today’s Modern Whole Cloth Quilt features the Ribbon Candy border and a few of My Favorite Things:

The Sewing Machine

The Tomato Pin Cushion

The Scissors

The Needle

Sewing Spools

Sewing Notions, FMQ, Kennedy

The Buttons and The Quilt Squares are not a tutorial…anyone interested?

Sewing Notions, FMQ, Kennedy

Hope YOUR day is filled with YOUR favorite things,


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14 thoughts on “Ribbons and Notions

  1. Ribbon candy just might be the quilting solution that I’ve been waiting for! Would love to learn the buttons and quilt squares! Thank you for your blog!

  2. Hmm. Would enjoy seeing those tutorials. Thinking of quilting quilt squares as a motif brings up all sorts of interesting ideas! Could you “piece” a quilt by quilting quilt squares? Quilting buttons in different colors, and sizes. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I followed your steps for the spools of thread on my first free motion quilting try. Great fun! The buttons look rather intriguing… How did you do them?

  4. Yes on the buttons!! The ribbon candy post was ironic as I was using it in my daughter’s quilt but didn’t know what to call it. I love the way it looks! Any tips when trying to turn a corner with them? I ended up using a teardrop shape for the corners on mine, not sure if I accidentally did it “right”.

    • Corners are tricky. Sometimes I just add a different element in the corner like the buttons here.

  5. I too was looking for something to put in a narrow border on my Jelly Roll quilt which is waiting patiently on my long arm for me to move forward and this Ribbon Candy stitches really nicely so thinking that you brought out the ribbon candy just at the right time for me.. Thank you Lori… Love your blog and your class at Craftsy.. You’re blessed with so much talent and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

  6. Perfect timing! I’m doing a “My favorite things” paper-pieced quilt along and will do it as a quilt-as-you-go. A couple days ago I was looking on your site for all your notions which I will be using in the background, but I noticed there were no buttons. Now you have buttons. Looking forward to that tutorial!

  7. I’ve never done any FMQ! Working up my nerve to try it and found your blog. This afternoon, I plan on making my first “quilt sandwich” and trying the Ribbon Candy. So excited….and a little nervous. But you can’t learn to swim if you don’t jump in!!! Thanks for the motivation.

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