Ribbon Candy Two-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

Thank you to all who shared comments on Open Line Friday-Looking Back.  It was a busy year all around!  YOU are all inspirational!


Today we are stitching an easy motif that has rhythm.  Once you get started, you won’t want to stop…It’s like quilting in a rocking chair.

Begin by drawing two parallel lines to serve as guidelines.  In the sample below, the lines are a generous 1 inch apart.  (If you’re quilting a border, the seam lines will serve as guidelines.)

Begin quilting between the two lines.  Stitch down-curving in, sweep the bottom line and curve back up.

Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyCurve up to the top line, sweep the top line, and curve back down.Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyCurve down and to the left, sweep the bottom line and curl back up.

Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyContinue stitching curvy lines between the two guidelines.Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori Kennedy Once you develop a rhythm, bring the lines together, closing the gap between the curvy lines.

Perfect!  Just like Ribbon Candy.Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyRibbon Candy tastes looks great in any size–try doubling it!Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori KennedyFor a large border, stitch rows of Ribbon Candy with another motif in between–fun!Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori Kennedy

Ribbon Candy, FMQ, Lori Kennedy Doodle this for a few minutes, then head right to your sewing machine.  It’s easy!

We’ll be doing another motif that builds on Ribbon Candy later this month.

Happy Stitching,


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13 thoughts on “Ribbon Candy Two-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

  1. I was doodling this on Saturday evening – I just may try it on the machine today! If I do I’ll report back. This makes me want to take the plunge again.

  2. You have horizontal process photos first and vertical “completed”? photos next. When you’re actually sewing the ribbons, which way is the fabric oriented u dear the pressed foot? Horizontally or vertically? Thanks for the clarification.

    • Great question! I stitch it horizontally if I can, but sometimes you don’t have the luxury of rotating a quilt–at least not easily, so I stitch vertically. I think I do a better job when it’s horizontal though. Try both and see what feels right to you.

  3. I love that design! I’m not very good at drawing and that may be why I’m not very good at FMQ haha! But I keep practicing. I have a Bernina 150QE.
    Love love love your website! Thanks for everything

  4. Лори, спасибо за идеи! Завтра на этом рисунке буду тренировать руки, а то навык очень быстро ушел и приходится опять строчить основы.

  5. My head always tries to make the ribbon and double ribbon complicated..and the heart motif like this too.. I keep telling it to just stay out of it and let me fingers play. 🙂

  6. I am so glad you posted how you do this. I have tried and tried and it never works for me so I am going to attempt your method now. Here’s hoping I can get it to work.

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