Seamstress Creating Fine Art

Good Morning, Quilters!

Saturdays are very popular at The Inbox Jaunt as we explore the wide variety of Fine Art depictions of Seamstresses…

Today, I think you will be inspired by a modern, British artist,  Louise Gardiner-a Seamstress Creating Fine Art!

Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this fabulous video, Stitch & Shine.

Louise Gardiner, Owl Embroidery

In awe,


29 thoughts on “Seamstress Creating Fine Art

  1. As you said, “In Awe.” Amazing, amazing artistry! She is so gifted and talented. Thank you for sharing the video.

  2. What an absolutely awe inspiring video. Can’t think of enough superlatives. Thank you so much Lori for sharing your wonderful find.

  3. Good Morning Lori, Wow is this lady amazing with thread etc. and talk about labor intensive works of love! Thank you for this, loved it totally. I have been so interested in thread painting (guess that is what some call it) and want to dip my hand at it. I have recently purchased a dvd and book by Libby Lehman on Thread Play, she is another that is fabulous and I have another by Anne Fahl on the same things. Just amazing what can be done with thread. I have also wanted to get into some landscape quilts (small). I find that amazing as well. I am still in awe with some of the motifs that you come up with. You too, are very talented. I have learned so much from you and love your Craftsy class as well. My imagination just doesn’t work like that, so I thank you for all your motifs that you share with us all. It is very cold here in Michigan this morning. We have had it very good, but winter is winter and now the single digits, teens and snow are here. Love looking at the snow. Have a good day….and lots of hugs to you. Claudia

  4. Wow and really wow!!!! How emotive and emotional… I just love her work and was interested in her process. Where can we get one of those scarfs??? I will e-mail my niece who lives in Oxford and find out! thank you!!!

  5. She’s a very talented lady. She also has a sense of humor which makes her work sparkle. Thanks for the video. A good start to my day!!

  6. This video is sew inspiring! One of these days I would like to try creating something free form. I too have Libby’s book on thread painting. Thanks so much for sharing this video! I’ve already watched it twice; and I’m saving it to watch again. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Oh my! I really feel like a plain jane, I purchase a design and just sew it. She is a creative genius. I appreciate your sharing all this wonderful info with us. Thank you.

  8. I love all the stuff out there in the world that you share with us Lori. This may be my all time favorite. Good inspiration for the new year. Thank you and Happy 2016 to everyone!

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