15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. HA..glad his mouth is closed. He is getting too big to exercise.. all that holiday food really did a number on him. Actually he won’t need to exercise. The Spring weather will do better job than a treadmill. But he is very cute and cuddly! Kudos to the sculptors! Great portrait photo. What’s his name, by the way? Does he live in your yard? Can we see photos every week to watch his progress? Will he be on Big Loser and become famous? Will his likeness be applied to fabric? May I make a quilt with his fabric OR will he become a FMQ design? Sigh, think I have fallen in love!

  2. We’ve no snow in Knoxville, TN so far, rain instead. Thank you Lori for a reminder of what may come our way–Surprise!

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