12 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. J’aime beaucoup Seamstresses In Fine Art, ces œuvres sont magnifiques!

    Merci beaucoup pour ce partage
    Bonne année à vous et ceux qui vous sont chers au cœur.

  2. All that talent not recognized by his relatives. Beautiful, lush work. i wonder if the model he left Englanf with is the one we see in many of his paintings. She looks gorgeous!

  3. Wow ! Vivid is great word for the colors. The fabrics are so lush. Hmm, she has a pile of mending..Get up and walk around, Lady. Don’t get a back ache. 🙂 It is amazing again how many paintings of women sewing are in existence.. Thanks, Lori !

  4. Ok, now I have read the bio and saw the small pics of his other works.. He was a genius with fabric and other surfaces IMHO…I am so impressed. His parents were cruel IMHO also. That is a judgement, I am afraid but it seems so. Age 61 is too young to lose such a human being. So sorry he was overcome enough to do it.

  5. Beautiful. I appreciate you bringing these beautiful works of art forward so that we can appreciate them.

  6. Beautiful paintings. I love the colors .seems like you can feel the testure in the folds of fabric. I was saddened to read about his suicide note and that his family burt all of his papers and pictures because they were embarassed by his suicide. Lovely family.

  7. I love the colors. The setting is quite sparse but beautiful.
    He has a very interesting biography as well.

  8. Love this dude’s works! So colorful, beautiful models…what a sad story, though. What others’ words can do to the already insecure is tragic.

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