12 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. J’aime beaucoup Seamstresses In Fine Art, ces œuvres sont magnifiques!

    Merci beaucoup pour ce partage
    Bonne année à vous et ceux qui vous sont chers au cœur.

  2. All that talent not recognized by his relatives. Beautiful, lush work. i wonder if the model he left Englanf with is the one we see in many of his paintings. She looks gorgeous!

  3. Wow ! Vivid is great word for the colors. The fabrics are so lush. Hmm, she has a pile of mending..Get up and walk around, Lady. Don’t get a back ache. 🙂 It is amazing again how many paintings of women sewing are in existence.. Thanks, Lori !

  4. Ok, now I have read the bio and saw the small pics of his other works.. He was a genius with fabric and other surfaces IMHO…I am so impressed. His parents were cruel IMHO also. That is a judgement, I am afraid but it seems so. Age 61 is too young to lose such a human being. So sorry he was overcome enough to do it.

  5. Beautiful paintings. I love the colors .seems like you can feel the testure in the folds of fabric. I was saddened to read about his suicide note and that his family burt all of his papers and pictures because they were embarassed by his suicide. Lovely family.

  6. Love this dude’s works! So colorful, beautiful models…what a sad story, though. What others’ words can do to the already insecure is tragic.

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