Random vs. Structured Doodling

Echo Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning Afternoon, Quilters! (I’m off to a late-start!)

We are back to Doodle Lessons!


As you know, I am an inveterate doodler.  Most of my doodles are random scribbles, but every night I sit down for awhile and work on more structured doodling–that is, I have a plan–something I’m trying to work out, like a new motif or a new whole cloth quilt design.  Both types of doodling are necessary.  Random scribbles help create a flowing hand movement and develop a signature style.  YOUR doodles are YOUR signature! No two people will have the same style.

Structured doodles help you plan your quilts.  When doing structured doodles, you might have a quilt shape like a triangle or a rectangle that you are trying to find the right motif to fit into it. Or, you are trying to determine the proportions of a motif that will fit into your quilt.  Use structured doodling to figure out the best way to travel from one motif to another within a quilt block or between quilt blocks.

It’s all still doodling, but there’s a plan.

Echo Doodling, Lori Kennedy


The photos today of how I might practice echo quilting an appliqué block.

Start by closely echo stitching the main motif.  Echo stitching causes the appliqué to “pop”.  Echo stitch around the central motif several times until you “bump into” another shape.


Echo Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Echo stitch around the next motif several times until you “bump into” another motif.

Echo Doodling, Lori Kennedy

Occasionally you will get caught in a corner…use your doodling to figure out a way to travel or plan to knot off there and begin in a new area of the quilt.

Echo Doodles, Lori Kennedy

Try this with a few small doodles and then try it with a larger square…

And of course…

Stitch one of your favorites!

Remember our motto:  “Better Quilting through Doodling!”


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6 thoughts on “Random vs. Structured Doodling

  1. I am trying to find a pattern for the setting triangles on an on point quilt. Do have any ideas. I love your quilting!

  2. I’ve been reading the blog for a while, but I find this tutorial to be very useful – I never thought about actually sitting down WITH the quilt. And thank you for referring back to the basic lessons – I had not seen them and will use them to help me doodle.

    • Hi Michele,
      My niece called me this afternoon and said the same thing. So glad a few of you found it helpful. It is helpful to me to know what is useful for people and what is not so thanks for writing.

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