Oh Joy!

Joy, FMQ, LKennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I have been a good little girl--working on finishing all of my little quilts.  (I’m hoping Santa will notice and bring me more fabric and threads!)

Yesterday, I finished a piece started last year (or was it 2013–I’m soooo very far behind!)

This quilt needed something…..

Joy, FMQ, LKennedyEven after I added the polka dot binding, it still needed a pop.

In less time than one murder-mystery, I hand stitched a teaspoon full of beads…

Looks a bit like snow!Joy, FMQ, LKennedyHere’s a little tip for beading I learned from Cindy Needham’s Craftsy video.

Press your beads onto a piece of rolled tape and place the tape directly onto your project.

The beads are in easy reach and no SPILLED BEADS!
Joy, FMQ, LKennedyThat puts joy in this quilter’s heart!Joy, FMQ, LKennedy

Hope YOUR day and your quilts are filled with JOY!


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25 thoughts on “Oh Joy!

  1. What does the back of this quilt look like? Could you show a photo of it? and do you do your quilting designs thru the backing?

  2. Lori,
    For me, beading is a frustration that can put me out of the quilt studio for a long period of time. I try not to sew through the back of the project & yet find that tiny hole in the bead that is rolling all over. I will definitely try the tape trick & praying it will work as some of the beads are as luscious as jewels. Thank you ever so much Lori for sharing.

  3. Love your design! My only suggestion (and you know I rarely have any!) is, I think you should use a heavier (and shinier?) white thread…to me, your beautiful quilting doesn’t stand out enough. Just MHO…

  4. Hopefully . . . one day my creative juices will POP like yours! So lovely. You continue to be such an inspiration. ***smiles***

  5. Thank you, I needed this.

    I don’t remember where I learned it, but there is a “beading mat”–actually a piece of Velour blanket material that beaders use to solve this problem. The beads nestle down in the fuzzies and don’t roll around. I also save the black Styrofoam meat/bakery trays to put under my beading projects when I am working on them.

    I hope you put a hanging sleeve on your little project so that it doesn’t get lost under the Christmas cookies and mail.

  6. Love it, Lori. You are so inspiring. Your post made me chuckle as I am doing the same….just yesterday finished a Christmas wall hanging from…..let me see….so long ago it was started that I don’t remember when!

  7. I love your work but the background doesn’t seem right – too wrinkly and plain. it needs something. Not quite Lori yet.

  8. I think this is really really cute. I would love to receive this as a Christmas card. You could make zillions and send them out to all of your beloved friends
    Merry Christmas Lori, to you and your lucky family

  9. With so many loose ends on my lists, I really shouldn’t be looking at this!!! I LOVE IT!!!! The beading is perfect and I might try a grid-type background, placing the beads at the intersections. Maybe……………possibly………sigh…………………..

  10. Trying to catch up and empty Inbox…I “handsewed” beads as stars in the sky on a Sunbonnet Sue Angel block…used dental floss instead of thread. I pre- cut lengths of floss and threaded each bead. I placed those onto a piece of velveteen fabric for safekeeping as I worked. I threaded a floss with embroidery or other large eye needle. I put the needle thru the block fabric from the front and removed the needle
    in the back. Then I tied the ends of the floss a few times to secure the bead. This worked great for me. The floss fit thru the bead as my needles had not. I trimmed the floss to shorter length. I had cut it 6-8 inches for the threading/tying process. This success for me took the dread out of pretty embellishing with beads.

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