The Christmas Rose–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

With just weeks to go before Christmas, today’s tutorial is a quick and easy motif to add to any Christmas quilt!

While Poinsettias, Mistletoe  and Holly are all traditional Christmas flowers…

Roses always look elegant at Christmas!


Begin by drawing a line across the fabric.  The line can be straight or wavy.

Stitch a spiral along the line.

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

It doesn’t matter if your spiral is neat or messy–either way it will look gorgeous!

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

Cluster two or three spirals of different sizes together, then add a leaf or two.

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

A simple leaf will work great.

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

Continue along the drawn line, adding spirals and leaves of different sizes.  It is best to avoid a pattern like three spirals, two leaves…instead keep the sizes, shapes and leaf placement random.


Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

Christmas Rose, FMQ, Kennedy

Perfectly Elegant…

I wonder how this would look on white fabric with red thread?

Or on linen with red and green thread?

Or on white wool—I have a piece in my sewing room….Got to go…

Don’t call me for dinner!


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12 thoughts on “The Christmas Rose–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. Love this but I love ALL your work! This is perfect for a border which I plan on using in the future…..after foot surg. Ugh!!!!!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful tutorial! I found your blog a few weeks ago, thankfully. It helped me get past fear I was experiencing about FMQ a quilt that was ready to go. My fear was that I did not have the skills to make it look perfect, even though I had done some FMQ in the past with pleasing results. So, I chose one of your tutorials and gave it a go. It looks great! Now I realize that, for me, “perfect” is not even what I like right now. I actually prefer the free-range look. And, like you say, perfect or a little messy it all looks great in the end. Thank you for liberating me and my art. ~Susan

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