Stream of Consciousness Quilting

Free Motion Quilting, Kennedy

Happy Monday, Quilters!

I’m pretty sure if you did an MRI of my brain, it would look like this:

Free Motion Quilting, Kennedy

Free Motion Quilting, Kennedy

I was going to call it Crazy Quilting…

Free Motion Quilting, Kennedy

But I didn’t want to give my family any more reason to believe, well, you know what they think about quilters…

I decided Stream of Consciousness Quilting sounded much better!
Free Motion Quilting, KennedyWhat do YOU think your brain mapping would look like?

My challenge to YOU–take 20 minutes today to quilt mindlessly…(easy for some of us!)

and see what YOUR quilt reveals…

We’d love to hear!


Loony Lori

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28 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Quilting

  1. Quite the challenge but I love it! I often use the phrase “stream of consciousness” to describe my next door neighbor’s conversational style. i think I am going to take this challenge from you today.

  2. I can’t do this today but I love this idea so I’ll pin it to make sure I don’t forget to try this sometime soon. What a great idea. And train of consciousness is a perfect name for it!

  3. I’ve been making those Christmas Rose wreaths, all paper pieced. I think I’m going to try doing this, and make mug rugs instead. One day of doodling vs 3 or 4 days of paper piecing, quilting and binding… a no brainer for me. I love your work, Lori!!! And, I’ve known about Karlee Porter for a while, too. I’m a violinist and she has a beautiful music quilt that I want to try some day!

  4. I am so grateful I found your site. I’m still a new quilter. I’ve made my 6th quilt and really just started moving away from good old stitch in the ditch. Your tutorials have been a revelation for me and has elevated my latest quilt to a completely different level. Stream of consciousness is going to be very challenging to me as I’m still pretty married to the step by step quilting tutorials as I build confidence.

  5. I wonder if your family knows how really talented you are. You have such a gift. I would welcome my family to call me crazy if I could FM like you. :-)) I just love your blog Lori.. I’m so glad you’re there…

  6. Gorgeous brain! I was so happy until you wrote what does my brain look like – yikes, I think it would scare even me, LOL! Really like this Lori, seriously.

  7. Have you seen that PBS show (usually in the fund-raising season) about men’s brains vs. women’s brains? It’s a hoot! Basically he says that men’s brains are full of boxes that don’t touch and women’s brains contain a million wires that all touch and run into each other. This is what I thought of when I saw your lovely little practice piece. You have lovely wires, Lori!

  8. Yet another great post, Lori Kennedy! Thanks ever so much. Because I’m NOT quilting on a daily basis…I’ve spent oodles of time perusing just about all notable quilters websites and/or videos. Hence I’d found Karlee Porter and totally recommend viewing her award winning “Shimmering Symphony” quilt. Stunning. But like Roo wrote earlier in reply to this post…..I’m new and remain grateful to you – my go-to-quilter for attempting to learn FMQ on my DSM.

    Question: I recently found some older posts regarding doodle quilting and such. Love them! But just purchased a Layer Cake of Moda *1930* solids and want to use them to make a “sampler” quilt. I don’t want to cut them up…but want to somehow figure out how to design individual 10″ square practice pieces following some of your tutorials. But HOW might I go about doing that? I see you take a simple design and then max it out with all sorts of creative stitch fillers all around it. Should I draw out all my designs first? Perhaps I just answered my own question….but it does seem intimidating. I looked and looked to see if you have provided any tutorials on doing something close to what I just described but came up empty handed. I just cannot move forward with practice…without having a plan to utilize those quilt squares into a finished quilt. I plan to do QAYG….following Wendy Gratz from HappyShiningWorld method for piecing larger square together.

    Anyway, ***HAPPY THANKSGIVING*** and thanks for any suggestions you might have for me.



    • I would let the spirit move me. Stitch one block at a time. Just make sure to repeat a few designs so the quilt is unified. Remember, “repeat and vary”. For example, stitch a flower to fill one of the blocks, then stitch a flower with different shaped petals to fill another block. Also, make sure to mix curvy and linear designs so there will be enough contrast. It will be a fun quilt! Can’t wait to see it!

      • See? Just your encouragement to “let the spirit move me” is inspirational! No pun intended.

        I’ve already started that process…deciding to use at least 2 different flower applique motifs in the center….echo them (I’m thinking that will be great practice) but border / fill with some varying designs.

        Had NOT thot of utilizing varying leafs on the flowers…but see? Great advise….just like all that you’ve already provided in all your wonderful tutorials.

        I’m so drawn to your FMQ designs, how you execute them, how you doodle them first, and your beautiful graphic photo step-by-step guides. Wish you had a book!!!!

        Much thanks, Lori!

    • Aayne, iF you go to Leah Day’s blog, she has put all practice squares into a bigger quilt. She often has that quilt in the background of her tutorial videos. I checked out Happy Shining World Method and think I might give it a try too. I also saw another video where the person zig zagged the edges, put gromets on the sides and held them together with rings, kind of like a book and then used them as reference. I usually save practice pieces too and if they come out good and are big enough, bind them as a wall hanging. If the practice piece does not come out good i am also putting them in a bin and when I have enough along with other unusable scraps, use it to fill a pet bed pillow. To make the pillow just take 1/2 yard wrong sides together sew up the sides, stuff it with the scraps and fold a hem on top and sew closed. you can use practice FMQ on the 1/2 yard too. If you have nore pillows than needed, donate to a rescue or shelter!

      • Ahhhh…..Lorraine! Some more great advise and so I thank you, my dear. Yes….when first exploring the Internet….I found the wonderful Leah Day! And having another *use* for practices pieces that you’ve suggested it awesome. Much thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! ***smiles*** AND…Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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