Echo Doodling


Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

It’s time to pour yourself a cup of tea and join me for a little morning (doodle) exercise.

Today’s lesson:  Echo Doodling…just like Echo Quilting!

Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Begin by drawing a square or rectangle to contain a shape…

Then add a simple shape.  Draw anything from a triangle to a flower.

Next, echo all the way around the shape.

To fill the entire square, start in one area and echo the shape all the way to the edge.  Move to the next section and fill that area all the way to the edge.Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Continue in this way to fill the space.

If there are any trapped areas (like the space between the leaf and the lower flower petals, go back and fill them in as well.Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Try another shape, perhaps a small cottage…Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

After echo stitching several times, add another element to fill to the edges.Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Try an oak leaf…Doodle Lessons, Echoing, Kennedy

Doodle Lessons, Echoing, KennedyOr a pumpkin…Doodle Lessons, Echoing, KennedyEverything looks better with echo doodling!

Just like everything looks better with echo quilting!

Doodle Lessons, Echoing, KennedyRemember, if you can’t doodle it, you can’t quilt it!

Give this a try on paper, then choose one of your designs to quilt this week.

Next time, we’ll look at how to echo stitch when there are several shapes within one square–it’s a little trickier!

Happy  STITCHINGStitching…Stitching...stitching…!

(That’s my (weak) attempt at written echoing.)


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9 thoughts on “Echo Doodling

  1. OK, I’m drinking, drinking, drinking my coffee, coffee, coffee, with pen, pen, pen and paper, paper, paper. I am ready, ready, ready to doddle, doddle, doddle, doddle, doddle, doddle, doddle… :-))

  2. Lori, I read through all the steps for doodling before quilting and tomorrow I’m going to go buy the supplies I need to start doodling. I was so intimidated by it but after going through your tutorials, I’m ready to try it. Your an amazing instructor thank you for making them available for everyone. I will let you know how it goes.

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