Amazing What You’ll Find…


Good Afternoon, Quilters!

Last week my computer crashed and I had to download a  new photo management system…Argh!…

It tells me that I have over 30,000 photos!…Double ARGH!

Is that possible?  (I’m afraid so…)

So now I have a new job that I am calling PROJECT PURGE...

The good news….


I found a few gems…


Now back to Project Purge

Hope YOUR day greets you with a few unexpected gems!


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21 thoughts on “Amazing What You’ll Find…

  1. Hubbs and I were at my parents apartment this afternoon for several hours, updating dad’s Macs and MB Air, and iPad etc etc, We found some funny folders called “pages” ??
    We found some cute old photos of the OctoberFest in Annapolis which must have been 3 or 4 years ago. Hilarious dancing and I wore a cool green wool german hiking hat with little pins on it.
    That was a fun discovery. Amazing.
    Have fun going through those pictures.

  2. My project purge involves going through many, many boxes of family photos; first from my husband’s side- home movies, slides, studio photos- some from the 1800’s and early 1900s, many family photos and snapshots. The same for my side-plus we just went to a cousin’s reunion ; we hadn’t seen each other for 65 years! Needless to say, this is generating lots of photos. I knew very little about my parents families since we lived far away from any relatives. I(‘m getting a trunk full of photos from my sister’s soon. (Sadly, she has Alzheimer’s).
    One quilt related thing- I made that sister and husband a king sized quilt awhile back-I haven’t seen it and they don’t seem to know where it is!
    Our 3 kids combed through all of our boxes when they were all home 2 yrs. ago to celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary. They got photos out for a display board, so that further added to the mix.

    • My family always loves it when we pull out the old photos! Even more fun than the digital ones. You are so lucky to find the really old ones! Family treasures!

  3. What program did you use to sort your photos. We are are a Mac family too. My photos are slowing down my Mac Book Pro.

  4. Good luck with the purge! I have been scanning old family photos and uploading them to Flickr so my sister and brother can see them. My brother doesn’t have any of the old ones and he likes just looking at them online. I am an old die-hard hard copy type. I like holding them in my hands. I love how some of the old processes produced deckle-edge prints and some included the date they were developed. This is just for our own enjoyment. There won’t be another generation to want to see them since neither my kids nor my brother’s son is married. But I like looking at them!

  5. I have to ask — how long did it take you to create this particular sample?? It’s really cool. And what program are you using to organize your photos??? I don’t know how many I have, but I know it’s a lot and they’re all over my hard drive. Ugh!

    • I never know how long any piece takes to quilt…that being said, the center “Grid Pop” is 1/2 inch spacing and that does take a bit of time sew–probably 2 hours??? The flowers another 2 hours? Probably five to six hours…but that is a wild guess. As for organizing my photos..I’m using the system offered with the Mac upgrade. Nothing special, but it gives lots of opportunities for albums inside albums, inside folders…I’m not sure anyone else would understand my “system”–but it works for me!

  6. I would love to see a tutorial on that quilt too especially since I just got a Bernina 770 QE. I have always wanted a Bernina. I’m finding it very user friendly as opposed to my last sewing machine. You have inspired me.

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