Computers–Not MY Cup of Tea!

Free Motion Quilted Tea Cup

Good Afternoon, Quilters!

Computers…we can’t live them and we can’t live without them…

I’m having a string of computer problems…fix one thing and it seems to cause the next thing to crash…

I’ve been at it all day–and I need to STEP AWAY!

When my computer decides it’s ready to work again, I have a new free motion quilt tutorial,  Claire’s Peony-a gorgeous beginner motif…

COMING SOON–or not so soon, who knows when you are dealing with computers!



16 thoughts on “Computers–Not MY Cup of Tea!

    • That is the nicest thing you could say! I have a Mac and just had to upgrade the operating system. Then I found out it no longer supports Aperture. Got started with the new program. Then Photoshop crashed after working on photos for over an hour. I had to walk away.

  1. Amen to computer problems — printers are only half a step behind as far as I’m concerned. Just bought a new printer because I was tired of hassling with my old one (which was still perfectly good except for whatever reason I couldn’t get it to print black. Grrrr)

  2. Not envying you at all! Take a break as long as you need. We’ll be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day….?

  3. I recommend a Mac. I’ve only had one issue in 30 years – promptly resolved. Meanwhile, I sympathize….

  4. Ugh!!!! This is when I scream. Having issues too….I think it’s my Ya…..o.
    Hope yours resolves soon..

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