4 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art Saturday

  1. Such a beautiful painting. Relaxed, serene, enjoying her handiwork, yes, that’s how I feel with needle in hand.

  2. Wow, I instantly recognized this art. I had to run to my bathroom to see a print on the wall I have had for years, Yep, Mr. Garber is the artist. My print is entitled “Tanis” and looks to be a young girl. She is on the same porch with same trees and that brilliant light. Her hairstyle is same as in “Mending.” I am glad Mr. Garber received the accolades and awards during his lifetime. He richly deserved them IMHO. Thank you, Lori, for exposing me to another of his works. My bad, I never thought to research the artist of my print. Looking at Tanis has always brought joy! Now I can see a counterpart painting. What’s not to love about “Mending” ?

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