This just in!

Pumpkin Free Motion Quilting, LKennedy

Craftsy has a Halloween Flash Sale–

Divide and Conquer-Creative Quilting for Any Space is on sale!

Lots of free motion quilting…Leah Day, Angela Walters, Christina Cameli, Amy Johnson, Cindy Needham, Ann Petersen and more!

Treat yourself to a handful of classes–better than a handful of candy corn???


PS…If you use the link here, I get a small credit…yeah, more thread!  Thank you!

7 thoughts on “This just in!

  1. Miss Lori . . . first off I totally admire & adore your work. If I had to pick one and one only person to learn quilting from? It’s be YOU hands down! Having said that, I am a total beginner….although I’ve had extensive experience sewing (years ago)….and I am totally interested in your “DIVIDE & CONQUER” Craftsy class…but it says it’s for “Intermediate” quilters. Can you shed more light on what that means? None of the other classes really grab me like yours….but I don’t want to be in over my head. I’ve watched 100’s of hours of videos on quilting ~ but have only quilted a whole cloth quilt in an extremely easy stitch with a vast amount of spacing. HELP! Please & thank you. *smiles*

    • That is how we all start. The desire to do the detail that Lori does & shares, & that we all try to emulate will come. It may take a year or 2 for you to work up the courage. Be adventuresome. Every stitch is a creation. There are no boo boos in freehand, freemotion quilting. Be brave!

    • First of all,thank you for your kind words. As far as the Craftsy video goes, it’s only labeled Intermediate because I don’t spend a lot of time on setting up your machine. There is something for everyone in the class and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

      • This is very helpful information to know, Lori. I think I can muddle my way through machine set-up enough to make a go of it with your class. Thanks for the insite! *smiles*

  2. Thanks Lori for the heads up. I added a few to my collection, now all I need is more time to “study”. Will you be posting any new classes on Craftsy soon?

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