Haunted House?

Haunted House

Good Morning, Quilters!

How many times have you seen an old, abandoned house and wondered…

Who lived here?

Where are they now?

Haunted HouseWhy doesn’t anyone love this house any more? 

Haunted House

Could YOU spend a night in this house?  Would YOU go in during the day?



I guess there’s some comfort knowing Mother Nature will take her course!

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Happy Halloween!


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11 thoughts on “Haunted House?

  1. I have often wondered about the people who built the house, and how happy they must have been to move into their new house.

  2. I would totally go in during the day. I love exploring stuff like this!

    We have a lot of abandoned farmhouses in the country around here. Usually from the owners getting old, dying off, and their kids have moved away and don’t want the place.

  3. When I see an old house, regardless of size, my first thought is “Wonder if I could turn it into a Quilt Shop?” Will my Longarm fit ? Are the rooms big enough for classes? I still do this Downtown when I see an empty building cause they folded.. I should have been born Rich….

  4. I really like your photos of the old house! I too, am a wonderer about such things. My imagination and sense of history are always fired up when I see old buildings like this. But I have to say, it’s never been with a sense of fear or ‘haunting’. I picture the men and women who lived here and raised their families, perhaps farming and piecing quilts of leftover scraps of fabric. Thanks for the visual reminder of where my family came from and the legacy they left me.

  5. As a kid I lived in two haunted houses.. and then the lady followed me to my adult life until two years ago when we built a new home that no one has ever lived in but us and I took the lady along with a ghost that smoked.. No one smoked in our home and the cigarette smell was terrible.. I took them to Disney. We got ready to go and my husband told them “Retha and Jeff behave” I said “No get in the car you are going to Disney” Well the 4 of us left for the trip. I was having such a good time down there I forgot to bring them back. Since then NOTHING.. no sightings no smells no nothing. My father and sister saw the lady figure when I was in the 10th grade bending over me whispering something to me while I was asleep. I have always been sensitive to the other side. But so far so good and sometimes I miss them.. I used to see her walk out of my husbands bathroom and go down that hall. One night we were in bed and we saw a figure walk past our bedroom door. Now my husband is a believer!

  6. Reminds me of the Pete Seeger song
    “God bless the grass
    It grows through the cracks
    You pave the cracks over
    But the grass comes back
    God Bless the grass”

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