Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m delighted to tell you that The Wedding Quilt is complete!  Celebrate with me!

We will spend most of next week discussing “Quilting the Big Quilt”  including:  Choosing Motifs, Sewing Order, Choosing Thread and much much more!  I think this will be a great opportunity for many of YOU who have asked how to apply everything to BIG QUILTS!

Stay tuned…

BTW–I will show lots of photos, however I wanted the Newlyweds to see it first!


I also finished a little quilt with leftover blocks from a project I made last year.

Halloween Quilting Projects

I challenged myself to use a variety of threads…

Aurifil for piecing and for all bobbin threads…

Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

Robison-Anton Twister Tweed for most of the detail work–it’s a fabulous 2-ply twist of white and black Rayon threads!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyI used Iris metallic thread (available through EnMart) for the spider webs–Ever notice how spider webs glisten in the light?  If you’ve had trouble with metallics in the past–this is a new metallic that’s worth the try!  I’m a convert!!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyFor the vines, Sulky 30 wt cotton…I stitched over each vine twice for an even heavier look!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyBecause so many of you commented on my six-legged Spooky Spider (spiders have eight legs….) I tried an eight legged spider, but for me…I will go back to the six-legged version (two legs are just not visible)…It looks neater and you still get the idea that it’s a spider!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

This was a fun little quilt with plenty of opportunity for embellishing with threads and Creative Quilting!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyNow I’m off to bind it!  That’s TWO completed quilts in ONE week–a record for me!

What about YOU?  Did YOU finish any quilts this week?   We’d love to do a Happy Dance with YOU too!


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36 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Lori, your little Halloween quilt is absolutely adorable, I especially love the quilting on the outside border with the spiders and webs. Congratulations on getting your wedding quilt completed; I know the joy you must feel to be able to give such a gift of love.

  2. Yes!! I’m doing my happy dance here in Ocean City, MD, at the fall Sewing by the Sea, where I’m one of many stitches and crafters here for several days of ACCOMPLISHING. Yesterday I made two pumpkin pincushions using your directions, and they are a big hit! I’m here with several friends from my quilt guild, and after seeing the pumpkins, we decided to make a bunch to use as decorations at our quilt show in Brookhaven, PA, next October. So look what you have started!

    I have forwarded a link to The Inbox Jaunt to several ladies who want to improve their FMQ skills. Keep those tires coming! And congrats on finishing those two quilts! DONE IS FUN!! Happy quilting!

  3. Congratulations on your “finishes”. I should be doing that instead of looking at all the lovelies you send. Thanks for those though.

  4. Love your halloween quilt. I have a new long arm and have been practicing and you are such an inspiration. Thanks!

  5. Complete is such a great feeling! Congratulations on two in a week. I’m working on Christmas quilts so I’m looking forward to the feeling also. Like the pumpkin quilts.

  6. Like everyone else, I admire the Halloween quilt, but I’m really looking forward to next week and your advice on handling big quilts. Can’t wait to see the wedding quilt.

  7. Do not like spiders anyplace ! However I admit to feeling a compliment coming on. Yours are cute and non-threatening too! Congrats on the Finishes! Wedding quilts too many times turn into Anniversary quilts.

  8. Congrats on finishing. Looking forward to the details. As for spiders, many of them have really short front legs, almost seem like fangs – so just do a really short set and then the other six. And as I sit here in my cube, a very brave spider is in the room and starting to construct a web across my cube doorway. I’ll need to address this quickly, as I may forget and walk through it later. I’d hate to show off my spider dance in front of coworkers, especially the screaming that I always hear with it.

  9. Yay! Pat on the back for your finishs!! I didn’t finish any this week… Although I really need too!!! They are Christmas gifts. And there is baby blankets to make! We did finally get to making some diapers though!! They are so tiny and cute!! I love your Halloween quilt! Cute!

  10. Today UPS’d my son and daughters finished quilt. Not for a wedding, but I know the feeling of ‘pieced, quilted and bound’! It’s a tap-dance happy feeling!
    Too bad I can’t send a picture.o

  11. Congrats on two finishes! I have 5 so far this month. The one this week goes off to the rescue fund raffle for the greater Swiss mountain dog club. Good things. All good things.

  12. You have been the busy one (when are you not???)! I am sure that many will benefit from your next series/topic. The interest in quilting larger quilts on a DSM is booming!!!! Looking forward to some interesting, helpful posts!!!! (One never stops learning!!!!)

  13. Those pumpkins are so cute. Do you have any instructions on their construction. And congrats on completing the quilt for your daughter. I am working on a quilt for my son who got married in July.

  14. CONGRATS!! Nothing like the joy of a finished quilt for a loved one. Someday I hope to be half as good as you with my quilting skills. I truly enjoy your newsletter.

  15. What a darling Halloween Quilt. I did one of the Twister pumpkins (pattern by Need’l Love) with my friends this week. Still need to add backing, batting and quilting. I must put some of your cute little spiders on the border. Thanks for the tip on a new metallic thread.

  16. Cute Halloween quilt. It would be fun, too, in fall colors for November. I’m looking forward to your posts about quilting a big quilt. I’ve been picking away at my own Big Quilt for much of this year, and I get bogged down with all the sitting at the machine. I bet you’ll have some great tips.

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