Tied to My Sewing Machine!

Double Wedding Ring Quilting, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

This week I’m focused…(A noteworthy event!)

I am working on my daughter’s wedding quilt…(She’s been married for over a year!)

My vow…no more Tuesday Tutorials, pin cushions, or vase quilts until this is quilt, bound and mailed!


I doodled several options HERE and decided on this version.

I am soooo happy to have extra harp space under my BERNINA 770 and I LOVE the huge bobbin! WeddingRing.FMQ.LKennedy003So if no one asks me to make dinner, dust or go to the movies, I may have a Tuesday Tutorial!???

What are YOU focused on this weekend?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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41 thoughts on “Tied to My Sewing Machine!

  1. Love the quilt Lori! I also made a scrappy wedding ring quilt for my oldest daughter years ago only I hand quilted mine. What was I thinking! LOL Yours will go much quicker than you think. Have fun with it.

  2. I’m focused on unpacking boxes. We moved a month ago and I still have boxes sitting around. It’s driving me crazy. I have finished two quilt samples for the store I teach at. Now to get busy on all the boxes sitting around.

  3. I’m focused on pinning out a UFO and preparing some more hexagons from The New Hexagon book by Katja Marek.

  4. Well, if your family is like mine, they sure won’t starve. When I get in that mode, my husband knows that he is fending for himself and me too. So understanding and that helps out a lot. And doesn’t it feel good to get that project finshed. Then you can move on to the next one! Good luck and of course, it’s beautiful! One day I would like to make a wedding ring quilt.

  5. I am working on a nap quilt for the pre-K my granddaughter previously attended. The 2 quilts I made for them a year ago are very popular with the little ones, and they always welcome everything else I send their way: empty spools, scraps of fabric, stickers, etc. I always feel good when I leave there!

  6. I’m gearing up for a quilting/hunting retreat with my sister in South Dakota. We quilt while our husbands hunt. I will be working in a table runner using one of your turtorials, by the way, plus I’m hand quilting a queen size quilt and need to figure out machine quilting for a bullseye quilt! So much to do!

    • Deb! I’m just across the border in WY. I’ve been trying to tell my family that the hunt/quilt thing would work! Thrilled to hear that’s what you are doing!!

  7. I have a client quilt to mail off, a visit to my LQS for some website technical help, and a queen size tshirt quilt top to start sewing together, for another client.

    That one is laid out on the living room floor and we keep having to step around it. 😀 I arranged the blocks yesterday on work breaks. Today’s my day off, gonna be a full one!

  8. I’m tied to my sewing machine too! I am clearing the table to pin a quilt for my daughter in law’s grandmother who started chemo last week :-(. Had a top in the drawer that needed borders, so finished that and quilting it today hopefully. Want to have it bound and finished by next week too…itching to get at some doodling and quilting practise, but focus, focus, focus!! Too bad you aren’t closer…you could come over and we could make each other work LOL..no distractions….focus, focus, focus!!

  9. Such a pretty design for the center of those rings, and gorgeous colors on the quilt. I didn’t realize how much of a difference that extra large bobbin made until I had a machine that used it – wow, such a convenience when MQing a larger project.

    I leave for a work conference early Sunday morning, so Sat. will be spent cleaning and packing, alas.

  10. Well, this is beautiful I adore the fabrics.
    I think there should be a sewing prison room in my house and I should be on house arrest. Gosh wouldn’t that be so tragic for a quilter? lololol
    I just heard on France 24 that Pistorius is on house arrest now (I am sure cheaper for the prison) Anyway, Too bad he does not quilt.
    I have so much to do, and my life consists of running hither and thither – which includes leaving the iron plugged in (it turns off itself) and perhaps a sewing machine light still on, Luckily I have enough brain cells left to remind myself where to begin again upon return.
    Thank you Dear God for Stouffers and Wegmans.
    Lori you are always such an inspiration

  11. I love the quilt pattern you came up with and I love how you showed us your many doodles. Thanks for sharing with us. Seeing a real project in progress helps tie all the lose ends together. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  12. My son visited us from California and announced his engagement last November. As soon as he and his fiancé left, I started a quilt to give them for their wedding! She is Irish so I made a triple Irish Chain in all the jewel tones. iN the center where all the chains intersected I replaced with a Celtic Knot in coordinated color. I used several of your free motion flower patterns in the open areas as well as stipples and swirls! The quilt is gorgeous,but most importantly they love it. I gave it to them when they got back from their honeymoon…..

  13. House work for me today. I have been to quilt shows, classes and sewing up a storm but I need some house work time. I am so very lucky that I have such a wonderful husband. He is always telling me to enjoy, have fun and be happy. He let’s me sew and shop as much as I want. I’m so, so lucky…. I will be back at my machine tomorrow.. I will bet working on a Christmas table runner I want to finish.

  14. Go to it! If I lived nearby, I’d drop off dinner. We’ll miss you, but that Wedding Ring Quilt has to get done!

  15. I’m focused on helping my daughter with our first grandchild! She’s adorable. I do have a question on your quilt. Do you stitch in the ditch at all on a quilt like that before quilting your motif? It’s a beautiful wedding quilt!

  16. I also have a double wedding ring for my son’s wedding which was almost a year ago…trying to get good enough to put it under the machine to quilt it and come up with a beautiful design…what to put in the melons etc. Up til now I have hand quilted everything. This weekend I am attending a local longarm and sit down classes with Sue Patten from Handi Quilter. We are a small town but our local shop is hosting this event Thursday through Saturday…six classes to choose from…so lucky and it is a blast. Hope to learn a lot and start practicing and getting smooth lines.

  17. My quilting room is so messy I can’t stand it any more and so I think its time to dig out, its so much more fun to sew in a cleaned up space and then I don’t feel guilty that I should be cleaning up the space when I’m quilting. Hope to be quilting by Sunday if all goes as planned.

  18. Wedding ring pattern was the reason i started quilting…not knowing it was more challenging than a beginner could do. It did get into my list a few years later and so glad i waited! I adore the colors of this quilt.

  19. I love the design you chose! Soon I will begin a wedding ring wall quilt to go with a queen size basket quilt that I am currently piecing. But first I will start the HST quilt in solids (gradated greens and blues) and white, for my son’s girlfriend. I would love to see how you quilt the HST border on your daughter’s wedding quilt. I will think about and doodle some ideas……

  20. This is a beautiful quilt – and seeing how they are still in the “honeymoon stage” you are okay. I love getting in the zone and completing a quilt – so enjoy it, and don’t worry about us/Tuesday Tutorials. We’ll be here when you are ready. Oh and this weekend, no sewing for me. I’ll be out of town visiting my sister. The following weekend I’ll be tied to my sewing machine. 🙂

  21. I love the design you chose! It has inspired me to practice doodling it today along with a few variations. Shhh….I’m at work sneaking in my doodling between assignments. I just seem more inspired today! Thanks a million! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

  22. The elderly lady next door passed away and left me her sewing machine. When I picked it up, I also took 6 of her house dresses. I have taken them apart, cut them into 2 1/2″ strips, and this weekend I will sew them together into a quilt top for her daughter who lives in Hawaii. So, that’s what I’m doing this weekend……

  23. Love your quilt. I am working on a chevron quilt for my mom with white background and the same bluey color assortment that you have for your daughters wedding quilt. This weekend I am going to start to FMQ it. I am a little nervous to say the least!

  24. Making the last 2 Halloween costumes for our grandchildren. Finished and mailed 4 a week ago! Then I hope to start appliquing a Christmas quilt!

  25. I’m focused on quilting a quilt for a friend that I have been avoiding because I want to do something fun on it but lack the confidence. I’m gonna get it done.

  26. Your quilt looks beautiful! Your daughter will be so elated! You have given me inspiration to finish my daughter’s wedding quilt as well. (Tomorrow will mark their 3rd anniversary!)

  27. Forgot to say, rain, rain, rain!!! Great time to sew in Texas this weekend! Will venture out to church this morning, but otherwise staying in house to sew. (And…will be pulling out “THE wedding quilt” as well.)

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